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About the Adorable Baby Chicks and their Pictures

Amruta Joshi
Baby chick is a term used for baby chickens.
Baby chicks are very cute and palm sized.
Kids love to play with baby chicks.
Know more about these little creatures...
Baby chicks need warm place to stay.
Baby chicks are stay in groups.
You can hold baby chicks in hand after they are 7 days old.
You can feed your baby chick 6-8 times in a day.
Baby chicks need to stay inside for about six weeks.
Baby chicks do not need light if they are with their mother.
You can raise baby chicks in your house with small space.
Baby chicks need a lot of sleep.
Baby chicks love to play with small objects.
Baby chicks share warmth, if you take care of them.
So with care and love, baby chicks grow healthy.