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Facts About African Pygmy Goat

Sheetal Mandora
As the name suggests, African pygmy goats are miniature breeds of goats. This story provides some useful information and facts on these goats.
Native to the Cameroon Valley of West Africa, these goats were shipped to the U.S. in the late 50s. Mostly farmers keep the African pygmy goats because they provide a huge amount of milk; approximately 4 lbs. per day. In addition, the goats are also used for their meat. Besides them being included as farm animals, the goats are often adopted as house pets.

Essential Care

In order to follow proper pet care instructions, it's important to know how to take proper care of these animals. And that can only be possible when have the correct information on them.
Male Goat Appearance
  • Male goats are called "Bucks"
  • Weight: 60―86 lb. (27―39 kg.)
  • Height: 16―23 in.
Female Goat Appearance
  • Female goats are called "Does"
  • Weight: 53―75 lb. (24―34 kg.)
  • Height: 16―23 in.


  • White caramel, dark caramel, and red caramel
  • Light-grey agouti, medium-grey agouti, and dark-grey agouti
  • Black w/frosted points
  • Complete black

Domestic Habitat

  • If kept in a barnyard: require good ventilation, and free of draft
  • Keep out of cold and rain
  • Tall fence required all around the farm to keep dogs or wolves out
  • Enough space to wander around
  • No barbed wires
  • Concrete floors w/high wooden platforms


  • Feed little grains at least 3 times a week
  • Yes―fruits, vegetables, leaves, and bread
  • Yes―alfalfa cubes, alfalfa, and prairie hay
  • No―onions, oleander, rhododendrons, houseplants, and bulb plants


  • Friendly
  • Docile
  • Curious
  • Playful
  • Intelligent


  • Have more than 1 reproductive cycle each year
  • Gestation period - 151 days long
  • Bear 1―4 young ones every 9―12 months
  • Female pygmies bred first at 12―18 months of age
  • Females capable of conceiving at 2 months of age as well
  • No specific breeding time during the year

Life Span

  • 8―12 years

Important Facts

The table, mentioned above, was all about administering proper care to the newborns and adults. Now in this section, we will go over some interesting facts about these cute and lovable pygmy goats.
  • The goats have been tamed for about 10,000 years now; initially in Middle Eastern countries.
  • Another miniature breed of goats is called the Nigerian dwarf goat; very easily confused with the African ones.
  • The African pygmy can lactate from 6 months to 10 months.
  • Male goats have an odor; if females are kept away from males, they have less offensive livestock odor.
  • Males have scent glands behind and between their horns. They also have other, tiny scent glands at different locations around their bodies.
  • Females have short, straight horns; compared to the males.
  • Males tend to urinate on their beards and sometimes front legs.
  • The pygmies can survive in various conditions; also in locations with very little food.
  • These goats can jump and climb splendidly.
  • They drink water only (fresh), otherwise they won't drink water at all.