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Best Bird Sanctuaries In and Around Mumbai

Manas Resort With Petting Zoo
With a rich and exotic biodiversity, bird sanctuaries exude panoramic scenic beauty where one can spot these chirpy and colorful creatures. As Mumbai is a zion to a sizeable number of rare migratory birds, bird enthusiasts and nature lovers must visit these popular bird sanctuaries located in and around it.

Manas Resort With Petting Zoo

Birdwatching is known to be a stress-buster, and Manas Resort with Petting Zoo is the first of its kind, where you can find exotic birds and friendly animals to help you relax.
Situated in Igatpuri, a mesmerizing hill station, Manas Resort has a unique concept where bird enthusiasts can play with birds and enjoy their company in the walk-in aviary.
Manas Resort has a variety of vibrant and colorful birds which are enticing for kids and adults equally.
Rare species of birds such as african grey parrots, red turkeys, macaws, exotic breeds of pheasants and chickens like cochin bantams, silkie bantams, etc. enjoy a natural habitat developed beautifully for them to thrive.

Thane Creek Flamingo Wildlife Sanctuary

With a spectacular number of flamingos and other migratory birds, Thane Creek Flamingo Wildlife Sanctuary in Mumbai is a must visit for bird lovers. Diverse species like ibis, marsh harriers, eurasian curlew, falcons and osprey are found here. Visitors can photograph the birds, during the boat tour arranged to explore the sanctuary.

Karnala Bird Sanctuary

The Karnala Bird Sanctuary is an abode to several bird species and is located in the outskirts of Mumbai. Endangered species such as the malabar trogon, malabar grey hornbill, grey-fronted green pigeon, nilgiri wood pigeon, etc. are nurtured here. Birdwatchers are blessed with a visual treat of 300+ different birds.

EsselWorld Bird Park

EsselWorld Bird Park, entrenched with plants and creepers, is a habitat for over 400 birds. The african grey parrot, rainbow lorikeet, chattering lory and carolina wood duck are the prominent attractions for you. It's recommended to hire a guide for an in-depth knowledge of all the feathered creatures found here.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

A wide spectrum of fauna and flora is the USP of this enchanting forest. The Sanjay Gandhi National Park houses hundreds of bird species along with a number of mammals and butterflies. Birds found in the park include, racket tailed drongo, jungle owlet, golden oriole, robin, magpies, sunbirds, hornbills, peafowl, woodpeckers and many more.