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Biggest Cat in The World

Pragya T
This story provides information about the word's largest domestic cat breed, the Guinness world record holder for the biggest domesticated cat, and the world's biggest cat from the cat family.
There are many claims by people for the title of the world's heaviest cat for their pets. However, many times, the owners simply overfeed their cats to fatten them up. Such records have been deleted from the Guinness Book of World Records. Only a healthy cat with the proper weight and height can be entered into the Guinness Book.
Given below are the world's biggest cats. Many people think that the lion is the largest cat, while some others think that it is the tiger. Keep reading to clear your doubts.

Biggest Cat in the Cat Family

The largest cat in the world belonging to the cat family is the tiger. 
Although lions are heavier and have a more stunning appearance because of their impressive mane, if you compare the body of a Bengal tiger with the body of an African lion, you will notice that the tiger is larger.
The lions however have a ferocious roar and are considered to be the king of the beasts.
Nevertheless, ligers, which are the progeny of lions bred with tigers, are the largest cats from the cat family, but they are very rare. If you search online for the images or information on ligers, you will find that they are massive.
Ligers are not born in the wild because lions live in a separate part of the jungle and tigers in a separate area. They can be bred only in captivity, and they are rare even then. They have features resembling both a lion and a tiger.

Biggest Domestic Cat Breed

The largest domestic cat breed in the world is the Maine Coon cat. 
On an average, these cats weigh around 10-20 pounds. They are well-behaved, friendly cats with a soft, fluffy fur. They can grow as long as 14 inches.These cats are supposed to be natives of Maine, but nobody is sure of their exact origin.
Another domestic cat breed which is large in size is the Savannah cat. Savannah cats were originally bred by mating a wild African Serval with a Siamese domestic cat.
These cats have dog like characteristics as they fetch, are friendly, will follow their owner around, and also respond well to a leash.

Guinness World Record for Biggest Cat

The 2006 Guinness World Record holder for the longest cat is Verismo Leonetti Reserve Red. Leo is the pet cat of Frieda Ireland, and is a 100% purebred domestic cat. He is the largest and biggest Maine Coon cat.
He weighs around 35 pounds and measures 48 inches from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. Vets say that he has a healthy height to weight ratio and is not overweight.
The biggest wild cat is truly the liger, however the biggest domestic cat is Verismo Leonetti Reserve Red.
To learn more about these cats, look for their images on the internet. However, claims that people make about owning the fattest or heaviest cat are false as these animals are overweight and not healthy, and therefore can't be considered as being the biggest cats in the world.