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Bird Feeders for Kids

Amruta Deshpande
Do you want your kids to be introduced to nature by inviting different birds in your own yard? Here's an information on how to attract them to your yard, and help your kids watch them closely and learn about their different species.
Kids love watching animals and birds in their natural habitat. It will prove as a treat for them, if you can get some birds in your backyard. Your kids will enjoy watching them, and this will help them to develop an interest in nature. Bird watching is an interesting activity for people, irrespective of their age.
You can teach your kids about their responsibility towards mother nature by helping in feeding your feathered neighbors. Making bird feeders on their own will be an exciting experience for them.
It can be a craft activity to be taken on a Sunday, when they have finished with their homework. You will get a chance to spend time together with them, thus helping in family bonding. Kids will love to make them on their own, which will also enhance their creative skills. Plus, they will enjoy seeing their garden being decorated by their own efforts.
Building them can prove to be beneficial in making your kids aware of the nature around. These are few things that your child will learn through this activity:
  • Different Species of Birds
  • Their Social Behavior
  • Feeding Habits

Easy Options

A bird feeder can be made out of simple things available at your home. You can even use dried flowers and twigs found in your garden. Colored bird feathers can also be used to make it look attractive. Keep it simple so that kids find it easy to make it. Here are some examples, which will help you make one on your own.
The simplest one to begin with is the orange feeder. The kids will find it very easy to go about it, and they can decorate it however they like.

Orange Feeder

Things Required:
  • An Old Dry Orange
  • A Spoon
  • A Pen
  • A Plastic String
Cut off the top of an orange. Now, scoop the pulp out carefully using a spoon. With the help of a pen, make few holes in the orange near the top edge. Now, put a string through the holes, and form a loop so that you can hang it.

Pine Cone Feeder

Things Required:
  • Pine Cone
  • Peanut Butter
  • Bird Seeds
  • String
Tie a string tightly to one of the pine cones. Then, smash peanut butter on the cone. Now, this part is a little messy, but your kids will love to do it. Then roll the cone in bird seeds. Hang it to a branch. It looks quite natural, and can attract a lot of birds.

String Feeder

Things Required:
  • String
  • Needle
  • Bird Feed
Children will enjoy making this one. Using a needle, string different kinds of bird feeds like berries, raisins, bread cubes, or even popcorn. You can wrap a long string with food, around branches (or bushes or also around railings). Make sure that you use a strong string.

Carton Feeder

Things Required:
  • An Empty Milk Or Juice Carton
  • Safety Scissors
  • String
  • Glue
  • Paints
Take an empty milk or juice carton. Wash the carton and dry it properly. Then make an opening in it using a pair of safety scissors. Leave a fill space of about 3 inches at the bottom. The opening should be medium in size.
Then make holes with a pen, and put a string through it so that it can be hanged. You can also paint the carton from outside with bright and attractive colors, and make decorative patterns on it.
You can also think of many more alternatives. Let the kids explore and find their own ways to make some. Now, these feeders won't last for a very long time. But, as they are very simple to make, your kids can replace them with new ones whenever they want.