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Bird Feeder Plans

Bhakti Satalkar
Would you like to welcome some twittering tots into your garden and satiate their hunger? Well, we have some bird feeder plans that you can use to build a perching post for them, in this BirdEden article.
Birds find it very difficult to hunt for food in winter, especially on very cold days. Bird feeders are a good way of feeding these birds. Given here are plans using which you can watch birds flock to your window in order to feed.

Plans for Bird Feeders

Bird feeders should be made from durable material, as they will have to withstand different weather conditions. Redwood, red cedar, or cypress wood can be used to make them.
However, pressure treated wood is not recommended. You can make use of the left-over material from your house construction to make one too. When you plan to make a bird feeder, it is important that you take note of the feeding habits of birds.
At the same time, decide upon the kind of birds you plan to feed. If you have spotted a blue bird and would want to feed it, then you will have to make a separate space to contain the earthworms in order to feed the blue bird. You will have to make arrangements to secure earthworms as well.
Planning a spacious feeder is important, as birds keep coming to the feeder often. At the same time, its positioning is also important. The bird should have a branch close to the feeder it can fly to, once it has fed itself. Similarly, the branch will be used by the bird, before it actually goes to the feeder to feed itself.
The feeder should be well covered, so that the grains or earthworms are well protected. In case it rains or snows, the feed should not get wet. The roof needs special attention. You will need to use the roof to stock up the feeder with food. The roof should be easily movable, so that it's convenient to open and close.
Very often, people make bird houses but forget to make arrangements for water inside it. Remember, like us humans, all animals including birds, also need water to survive, so a small enclosure should be made for water as well.
Some birds are attracted to contrasting colors, primarily, bright and dark shades. Therefore, you can choose the color you think is suitable, and paint the exterior of the feeder.
You can use multiple colors for the same as well. The other option is that, you can color each side of the feeder with a different color.
There are many types of bird feeders and gardening accessories which are available in the market. To make the birds feel at home, you can place accessories like artificial plants and flowers inside the feeder.
Wind-chimes can also be attached to the feeder. But remember, the chimes should not be loud. This might scare the birds away instead of attracting them to your feeder.
It is important to keep the feeder well-stocked all the time. If the birds come a couple of times and find the feeder empty, there are chances of them not returning to the feeder due to lack of food. You should make proper arrangements to always keep the feeder stocked with food, especially if you are working or planning to go out for a vacation.
During the winter months, make sure you keep a check on the feed, as very cold temperatures can freeze the food, thus discouraging birds from coming to feed from your feeder.