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Chicken Coop Kits

Sonia Nair
If you don't have enough time to collect the materials required for constructing a chicken coop, buy a chicken coop kit. Here is a brief overview about such kits.
In order to build a chicken coop, you need enough time, patience and some basic skills. Apart from that, you must have some knowledge about the requirements of the birds. 
Above all, you need the right materials and a basic know-how about the method of construction. Most people do not have enough time or knowledge for making a chicken coop on their own. They can opt for ready-made chicken coop kits, which are available in the market. 
There are numerous websites that sell such kits, along with chicken house construction plans. You can either purchase one from the market or place an online order.

What is a Chicken Coop Kit?

It is a package of pre-drilled panels and accessories, meant for building a chicken coop. All you have to do is to assemble the parts. There is no need of measuring, sawing or drilling. There are various types of chicken coop kits available. The most common among them are the movable coop kits, mid-sized coop and premium kits.
The movable ones are smaller and are meant for baby chicks along with two or three adult chickens. The advantage with these kits is that they can be shifted from one place to another. It spares you from pondering over the perfect place for keeping the chicken coop.
Movable ones are considered the best for beginners. A mid-sized coop accommodates around six to eight adult birds. If your requirement is egg yield, opt for this type of chicken coop, which is larger than the movable one. This chicken coop provides adequate running space and proper nesting area for the birds, which is necessary for optimum output.
You have to be careful while selecting the place for positioning the chicken coop. Those who want to keep chickens for commercial purposes may go for premium kits that are meant for more than 10 to 15 birds. Such a coop is perfect for those who have a big backyard or a farm.

Tips to Choose the Right Chicken Coop Kit

As chicken coop kits are available in numerous designs, you may face some difficulty in selecting the right one. There are various factors that have to be considered, while selecting a chicken coop kit. Given below are some tips to choose the right chicken coop kit.
The most important factor that has to be considered is your requirement. The chicken coop must be of the right size to accommodate the number of birds you plan to keep. If you want to grow some chicken breeds with special requirements, you have to take such factors into consideration.
Every bird must have at least 4 square feet of space in the coop. You cannot stuff the birds, as it can be detrimental for the healthy growth of the birds. It is always better to go for a larger chicken coop, if you have plans of future expansion.
Another important factor is the right location for keeping the chicken coop. Your garden can be the best place, provided it receives sufficient sunlight. The chicken coop must get enough sunlight, as it is good for the health of the birds and for production of quality eggs. It will be better, if the coop is placed on a high surface.
The place should not be easily accessible to predators, like hawks, coyotes, cats, and foxes. In some places, you need the permission of concerned authorities for any construction, which takes up more than 50% of the garden. Make sure that you obtain the required permission beforehand.
Beware of faulty designs and arrangements that make it difficult for you to clean the coop. The coop must have a sloped floor, which makes it easier for cleaning, as the water will flow out on its own. Ventilation is very important for the birds, and doors and windows with sliding doors are useful.
If the doors are made of wire mesh, make sure that they cannot be damaged by animals. It is always better to go for safe and strong doors. Another important point is lighting. You must opt for a chicken coop kit which provides electrical light fittings. Apart from providing light, it can also be a source of heat for the birds during the winters.
You have to compare the various types of chicken coop kits available in the market, as per your requirements. Compare the price and features and invest in the best.