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DIY Chicken Tractor Plans

Rutuja Jathar
A chicken tractor is a movable chicken coop, which is an important chicken enclosure. It is convenient and easy to carry. Here are some chicken tractor plans.
Chicken tractors are like chicken coops that can be set in one's yard, and can be moved from one place to the other, as per the convenience of that person.
They can also be used for other species, but they are primarily used to house the chicken only. They are portable, very lightweight, and easy to construct as well.
They are the easiest way to keep an eye over all the poultry that you have as well as keep their enclosures clean and hygienic. We will provide you with some chicken tractor plans so that you can construct one on your own.

Vital Information

Chicken tractors are really very useful for the safety and health of your poultry. As we know, they can easily move all about the garden and damage the precious plants and weeds. There is an easy way to prevent this by just building these tractors.
They can be beneficial for both, the chicken as well as your garden. They are, in fact, chicken coops without a floor. They are the safest mobile chicken pens that can help the chicks move around freely, without having the fear of any predator, which will also keep you tension free.
Many people also put wheels to this enclosure so that they get even more portable. Many home improvement stores provide portable pens. You can check your requirements before building one. Here is a plan that will help you out with the construction.


An error-free DIY plan must be an A-shaped structure of the desired size, and its sides must strictly be covered by the wire fencing as a safety measure. Remember to use the smallest meshed wire to keep the livestock inside, safe and secured. One of the most important thing is to attach the water pans to the pens.
For the fencing, the wire must be at most 15mm in diameter, which will keep the chicken from coming out and also prevent the predators from getting into the same. You must consider the area of four square feet per chicken.
The area must be fenced with meshed wire, and it must also be grounded 30 cm under the ground. This must be done in order to keep the foxes and rats from digging underneath it.
It is important to build in such a way so that you can clean it up on a regular basis. Make sure that you place the water pans and feeders inside for convenience.
Never forget to build the rooster inside, because it is the place where the chickens sleep. Also, don't forget to place a plastic sheet under the rooster so that you can clean the droppings very easily.
Building a chicken tractor will not cost you much if you do prior planning. They can be made very easily when you select reliable plans. They are the best and economical way to provide your chickens that added security and maintenance of your yard as well.