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Facts About Cobra Snakes

The cobra is a creature with many interesting characteristics. This story provides more information.
Aakash Singh
The King cobra is known as the king of all snakes. It has the reputation of being the longest venomous snake of all. Keeping a cobra or any snake for that matter as a pet requires a lot of effort, which is why it is always better to let them be in their natural habitat.

Facts About the Cobra

The cobra is from the Elapidae family of venomous snakes, and from the class Reptilia. It is most famous for its venom. You would never want to encounter a cobra in the wild. Even if you did, you are still on a safe side unless you bother it. Always remember, snakes are not out there to harm us, they only do so if they are provoked.
The cobra is also dreaded because of the position it takes before or when attacking. It spreads its hood to make it look bigger. The hood is made up of flaps of skin which is attached to its long ribs. It spreads its hood when it is angry or frightened.
The cobra also has the ability to lift itself considerably from the ground. The spitting cobra is famously known to spit venom into the eyes of its enemy, and it does so with precision. There are about 270 different types of cobras that are found around the globe.
Most of them are either gray, dark-gray, brownish-black, or brown in color. Rats, lizards, frogs, fish, chicken, birds, or other snakes form the diet of this species. It prefers warm, hot-tropical climates like the Philippines, Southern Asia, and Africa. Its life-span is approximately 20 years. It lays about 20-40 eggs at a time.
Apart from spewing deadly venom, it also possess half-inch fangs which have the ability to pierce through the skin. If bitten, a person will need to be given an antidote which is nothing but the snake venom itself.

The King Cobra

Probably the most popular of all, this is the longest venomous snake and one of the deadliest in the world. It can be expected to reach lengths of about 18 feet. It was believed that the longest specimen caught was almost 24 feet long. Its venom is so lethal that a single bite releases enough to kill a full-grown elephant or even a dozen people.
The King cobra is a member of the species and not the name of the species. It lays approximately 20-40 eggs at a time and the incubation takes about 60-90 days. The eggs are guarded with immense caution by the female. This is probably the only snake in the world which builds nests for its young ones.
The King cobra is an extremely shy snake, and mostly bushes and trees make up its habitat. It is known to eat other snakes too. Hence, it is lethal for other snakes as well.
Most of the cobras are shy and often run away or try to hide if seen.The King cobra is an exception. If it is seen or confronted, it is believed to take a stand and display its aggressive nature by spreading the hood and raising itself from the ground.

The Indian Cobra

The Indian cobra is another species of cobra snakes which is very venomous and is found in the Indian subcontinent. It has been a part of Indian culture and has been worshiped for a long time. One of the most famous types is the Spectacle cobra. The reason why it is called so is because of a spectacle-like design which is formed behind its hood.
It is one of the most beautiful snakes found in India and Southeast Asia. This snake can grow up to 7-9 feet. It can be easily recognized because of its specific design. It has a ring-like design on its head and is mostly brown or grayish-black in color. It has the ability to produce haemotoxic venom.
Haemotoxic venom is a type of snake venom which is highly-dangerous as it directly affects the blood going to the heart. The venom is stored in the salivary glands of the cobra. Hence when bitten, the snake exerts pressure on its muscles, forcing the venom into the prey's body.
One of the most interesting facts about the cobra is that it is at the top of the food chain and its only enemies are the mongoose and man. Its natural habitat is depleting because of deforestation and increasing human population, which results in utilization of agricultural land or forest land for inhabitation or industrialization.
It is sad to see that snakes are killed for a variety of reasons, and sometimes they are killed just because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Snakes do not mean to harm people, they only attack for self defense or if provoked. Hence, if you happen to spot a snake please do not kill it, call up the snake rescue team and help save it instead.