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DIY Steps to Make Concrete Bird Baths

Sonia Nair
When it comes to garden decor, bird baths hold a special place. This article provides some guidelines for making a concrete bird bath on your own.
You need not be an ornithologist to install a bird bath in your garden. Birds are loved by almost everyone, and who else doesn't like the sight of colorful birds frequenting their yard. As we  know, bird baths attract birds; provided, it has clean water and it is located in a safe place, where the winged guests are not threatened by pets, like cats or dogs.
Nowadays, bird baths come in various patterns and designs, and are made of materials, like glass, metal, plastic, and mosaic tile. Traditional concrete bird baths with their bowls and pedestals, are also in demand.
Such a bird bath has a pedestal that is around one meter in length, and the bowl is fitted on its top. This is the basic design of a concrete bird bath.
Water fountains are often found in these bird baths and this enhances the prospects of attracting birds. Such a bird bath can be a perfect addition to a traditional garden. You may also make one of your own, without much difficulty.

Homemade Concrete Bird Bath

In order to make the bowl, you need cement, water, sand, and trowel. All you have to do is to pile up the sand, so that it can be used as a mold. Dampen the sand and shape it like an inverted basin. As birds love shallow bird baths, mold the sand likewise. The size of your bird bath will be similar to that of the sand pile.
You may also go for ready-made concrete bird bath molds available in the market. Once the sand pile is formed, make a small spherical depression on the top of the sand pile. This hole will serve the purpose of attaching the bowl to the pedestal or base (if you want one).
Mix cement and water in a wheel barrow. The consistency of the mixture should be like mayonnaise or peanut butter. Pour the cement over the sand pile and smooth its surfaces with a trowel. Once done, the cement must have a thickness of three inches. Cover the cement with plastic wrap.
It will take around a week for the cement to set well. After that, remove the concrete bird bath bowl and place in a good location. You may use any type of base or pedestal for this bowl. You can also keep it on the ground.
However, it is always recommended to place bird baths away from the reach of pets, like cats. You may also keep a bird feeder in the vicinity, as an added attraction for your winged guests. If you want a colorful bowl, you may paint the concrete bowl, or add colors to the concrete, while mixing it.

Concrete Bird Bath Repair

A bird bath made of concrete requires regular cleaning and change of water. You can also repair these structures on your own. In case of large cracks or chipping of the edges, you have to drain the structure and repair it. Once you drain the bird bath bowl, clean it with soap and water.
Make sure to scrub the bowl with a hard-bristled brush. Allow the bowl to get completely dry, especially, those areas, which you want to repair. Now you can fix the broken parts and cracks with epoxy. Wait for at least a day, before using the repaired bowl.
Even waterproofing concrete sealer will serve the purpose. In case of really big cracks, you have to use polyester resin as a filling. It is very important to use nontoxic fillers and sealants for repairing and fixing bird baths.