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Cutest Animals in the World

Tulika Nair
So you think all animals in the wild look dangerous? Well, here is a list of the cutest animals on the planet, that consists of both wild animals and domesticated animals, which will definitely prove you wrong.
If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.
―James Herriot [British Veterinary Surgeon and Writer (1916 - 1995)]
How many times have you looked at an email forward with pictures of kittens and puppies, and exclaimed at their cuteness? Well, there are some animals that always manage to tug at our heart and make us coo in the same way that many people do when they see babies.
Welcome to the world of the cutest animals. Not all cute and cuddly animals are small or tiny. In fact, some of them are downright humongous, but their faces have the innocence of a two-month-old baby, that contributes to their cuteness quotient.
The animals you'll see here, you would either just end up staring at them because of their cuteness, or you might even feel like simply hugging some of them out of sheer love.

5 Cutest Animals Ever


Marine mammals, dolphins are very close relatives of both, whales and porpoises.
There are about forty species of dolphins found all over the world, generally in shallower sea waters. Dolphins are mainly carnivorous in nature, and feed on fish and squid. They are widely known to be extremely intelligent and playful.
Dolphins generally have a very strong eyesight, and hearing abilities with the capacity to make out sounds at frequencies that are ten times more than the limit of human hearing.

Giant Panda

This member of the Panda family is a large bear mostly found in China.
It is differentiated by the large black patches around its eyes, ears, and all over its body. The staple of its diet is bamboo, but it also feeds on honey, fish, yams, bananas, etc. Giant panda bears are classified as endangered, with around 1900 of them living in the wild, and about 500 in captivity as zoo animals.

Polar Bear

This white furred bear, native to the Arctic circle, is at its cutest when it is a cub.
The diet is primarily carnivorous, and it is the largest land mammal, weighing in the range of around 700 - 1,500 pounds, and preys on other animals. The body of this wild animal has adapted to the cold climes, with fur that protects it from extreme temperatures.
It's called a maritime bear as well, because though born on land, it prefers spending time in the water. Polar bears are also classified as vulnerable especially due to poaching in the past and the current threat of global warming. According to the IUCN, If climatic trends continue, polar bears may become extirpated from most of their range within 100 years.

Red Panda

An arboreal mammal, the red panda is just a little bigger than a domestic cat.
It has reddish brown fur and a shaggy tail. Surviving mainly on a diet of bamboo, the red panda also feeds on eggs, birds, insects, and other smaller mammals. It is native to the Himalayan temperate forests, found in Nepal, India, Myanmar, Bhutan, and China.
Officially, there are less than 10,000 red pandas in the wild. There are almost 800 living in captivity. Classified as vulnerable on the list of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, these cuties have two recognized sub-species.

Sea Otter

Found in the areas near northern and eastern North Pacific Ocean, these marine mammals are one of the cutest animals ever.
Sea otters belonging to the weasel family are one of the heaviest among weasels, but they are among the smallest marine mammals. Although they can live on land, they are basically an aquatic animal, with a very thick coat of fur that acts as natural protection.
The diet generally comprises sea urchins, mollusks, fish, and members of the crustacean family. Hunted for their fur, between 1741 and 1911, the population of sea otters fell to about 2,000, but has improved in the recent past. It is still classified as an endangered animal though.

The Cutest of the Rest

Angolan Talapoin


Black-footed Ferret

Black Lemur

Canada Goose





Guinea Pig





House Cat



Jackass Penguin


Koala Bear

Leopard Gecko

Mandarin Duck





Prairie Dog


Reeve's Muntjac


Roe Deer

Salmon-crested Cockatoo


Slow Loris


Squirrel Monkey


Tree Kangaroo

Which animal is the cutest in the world will always be something subjective, but the animals listed above are some of the cutest animals, which you would just want to cuddle. These are the animals, which when you spot, you let out exclamations expressing your affection for them.
While cute, some of these animals are also ferocious, so try and resist the urge to pet a pit bull puppy, just because it looks at you with puppy eyes and melts your heart.