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12 Different Types of Ducks with Pictures

Amruta Joshi
Domestic ducks are raised for meat, eggs and down and can be kept as pets.
Domestic Duck
The whistling ducks are also called as tree ducks, are tropical ducks have long legs and neck, known for shrill whistling calls.
The Eurasian teal is a common and widespread duck which breeds in temperate Eurosiberia and migrates south in winter. Green-winged Teal are very small ducks.
Stifftail ducks are diving ducks with spiky stiff tails, which they use as agile rudders while swimming.
Sea-ducks are marine birds found in coastal habitats. They are a tribe of the duck subfamily.
Scoters are bulky sea-ducks with bright color and patterned bills, though their body coloration is relatively plain. They form large flocks on suitable coastal waters.
Perching ducks are native to the United States or Canada. They can regularly be found perching in trees.
Perching Duck
They are the only type of ducks that regularly eat a large amount of fish. Its flocks are usually small, but may combine big concentrations.
Goldeneye, diving ducks characterized by their big, round heads with an iridescent sheen. Females are smaller than males.
Eiders are large seaducks in the genus Somateria. Eiders are known for their lush down and insulating properties that protect them from the harsh cold.
The diving ducks are agile swimmers, and use their feet to maintain a hovering position.
Diving Duck
They feed by tipping headfirst into the water, rooting through shallow water and mud in search of plants and insects. They feed readily on land as well.
Dabbling Duck