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Dolphin Facts for Kids

Kundan Pandey
Dolphins are one of the most dynamic and amazing creatures that inhabit the seas. This post lists out some interesting facts about dolphins for kids.
Dolphins have always been a mysterious marine animal that leave us awestruck owing to their beauty and intelligence. Those who generally love animals have a deep sense of curiosity and desire to know more about this fascinating animal.
Dolphin Facts for Children
Dolphins are believed to be one of the oldest mammals and they evolved some 60 millions years ago.
If you check out a list of aquatic mammals, they are one of the most developed aquatic mammals.
No other marine animal can match the IQ as that of dolphins who're amazing at communication and deciphering responses.
There are nearly 32 - 40 types of dolphins, each fabulous in its own way.
The body design and color of these animals is always a beauty to watch. Their skin is particularly amazing. If you ever got an opportunity to touch a dolphin, you must have found that the skin for majority of these animals is very smooth and almost slippery.
The killer whale, that we're generally afraid of is, a type of dolphin.
Their major habitats all across the globe are in continental shelves and shallow seawater.
They have the ability to eat nearly 22 kilos of fish per day.
Their average size is nearly 8 feet, that is 2.5 meters and the weight equals between 200 - 300 kg. However, among the diverse species, the sizes may vary significantly.
The smallest dolphin in the world is the Maui dolphin, that is just 1.2 meters in length and weighs around 40 Kg.
The longest dolphin in the world is the orca that grows as long as 25 feet (nearly 8 m) and weights 19000 pounds.

Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins are one of the most intelligent, charismatic, and beautiful creatures and they grace many of the world's best aquariums. They have the unique ability to swim at a speed of nearly 30 Km/hr and they can make 1,000 clicking noises per second!
It is these sounds that travel underneath water, encounter object and then bounce back to the Dolphins telling them the presence of dangers or food. They also use this method to communicate to each other. Bottlenose Dolphins were once hunted abundantly for meat, oil, and skin. However, nowadays, their numbers have decreased drastically and they face serious threat of extinction. We all should come together to save them.