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List of Extinct Bird Species

Rahul Thadani
While we were busy taking long strides in the name of development, we failed to notice the extent of damage we were causing to the environment and fellow inhabitants of the planet. That's what this list of extinct birds seems to hint at.
The rate at which animals are becoming extinct has increased over the last couple of centuries. It has been noted that in the last 300 odd years, about 42 species and 44 subspecies of birds have become extinct.
Human activities have led to the extinction of some of these species at an unnatural pace. It is difficult to pinpoint why these birds are becoming extinct, though the experts suggest that the phenomenon is culmination of many factors, including climate change, habitat disruption, and hunting.

Extinct Birds of the World

The first name that comes to mind when we talk about this topic, is the dodo. It was a large, flightless bird, which was found in abundance in Madagascar, before over-hunting and disruption of habitat wiped it off. The islands off the coast of Madagascar also had some unique birds to its credit. Of the 28 species that were known to exist on these islands, only 4 or 5 remain today.
As we grow and advance, we need to take care of our planet and all the lifeforms that inhabit it, but so far, we are failing in this regard. The dodo is a symbolic representation of this overwhelming failure, and it makes nature enthusiasts around the world cringe in discomfort and displeasure.
Some other extinct species of birds are:
  • Carolina Parakeet
  • Solitaire
  • Great Auk
  • Labrador Duck
  • Passenger Pigeon
  • Heath Hen
  • Black Mamo
  • Kipi
  • Great-toothed Diver
  • Phororhacos
  • Giant Moa
  • Dinornis Maximus

Extinct Hawaiian Species

About 6 species and 4 subspecies of birds native to Hawaii have become extinct in the last 100 - 200 years or so. The rapid commercialization and tourism in these islands made the entire natural habitat alter completely. Sadly, some species of birds were unable to deal with this change. These include ...
  • Laysan Rail
  • Lanai Thrush
  • Moloka'i Thrush
  • Laysan Millerbird
  • Bishop's O'o
  • Hawai'i O'o
  • Kaua'i 'Akialoa
  • Kakawahie
  • Lanai Creeper
Hawaii is in fact, one of the most seriously hit areas as far as extinction is concerned. It is said that about 30% of birds that became extinct in the last 100 years were found primarily in Hawaii. The rate at which the destruction of natural habitat is occurring, is devastatingly intense here.
An estimated 10,000 species of birds are found on the planet today, of which about 1,500 are threatened by extinction. We are duty-bound to protect endangered species of birds and animals.
It's our fault that they are facing this dilemma in the first place, and as a result, it is primarily our responsibility to ensure that we don't lose any more species. The extinction of these birds is a blemish on our track record as keepers of the planet and it's high time we work on getting rid of it.