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Facts About The Baboon Monkey With Pictures

Prajakta Patil
Baboons are one of the old world monkeys in the world.
There are 5 differentĀ species of Baboons:
- Hamadryas baboon
- Guinea baboon
- Olive baboon
- Yellow baboon
- Chacma baboon
Guinea is the smallest baboon and Chacma is the largest baboon species.
Baboon female has six month pregnancy period. After that, she gives birth to one baby.
Baboon infants weigh 2lbs or 1kg at birth. They drink only milk until they are 3 to 4 months old.
Baboon mother and infant bonding is very special. The mother carries her infant on her back or chest until he is young and able to ride independently.
Baboon teeth are very strong and sharp like lion.
Baboon is a symbol of God Thoth. It has respect inĀ Ancient Egyptian culture.
Baboon monkeys are mostly found in the forests and grasslands of Africa and Arabia.
They are 50-76 cms in height and weigh between 14-45 kgs.
They use different vocalization for communicating with each other.
Group of baboons can contain 12 to 300 members. This group is called as troop.
Baboons are omnivores. They eat plants, meats, small insects, birds, fruits, grasses etc.
The lifespan of a baboon is between 15 to 30 years.