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Facts about Donkeys

Claudia Miclaus
Donkeys can be children's favorite and also very helpful workers on a farm; learn more about what they need to be properly taken care of.
For those who want to keep donkeys at their farm, these animals can be excellent helpers. Although they prefer warmer weather, if provided with proper accommodation, they can do well in colder climates as well. Donkeys dislike windy or rainy weather and usually seek shelter from it.
Because of that, it's a good idea to build a shelter in case of heavy weather conditions. In a temperate kind of climate, one must provide a three-walled-shelter for the donkey. This shelter may be a small barn, a shed or a stable. It's also good to put straw on the ground to make the place warmer especially during the colder times of the year.
In climates where winters can be very cold (i.e. temperatures may fall below the freezing point), donkeys must absolutely be provided with barn accommodations. This snug must necessarily be snug. Any gap can cause the donkey to catch chills. Winter barns should also have enough space for the animal to move and exercise, since they ought not to be taken outside into the cold as long as there is snow on the ground.
There are many predators that can harm donkeys, such as wolves and dogs. Because of that, the fencing must be properly and decently built in order to protect donkeys from such attacks. There can also be attempts from the part of the donkey to try to go through the fence, and because of that it must be made in such a way as to prevent any such misfortunes.
The donkey's water supply must be kept within reach. Like in the case of all the creatures on earth, donkeys also rely on water for their survival. These animals dislike dirty water. So we must make sure the donkey has clean and fresh water everyday. In winter, we must check to see whether the water is not frozen. It's best to equip the water tank with a heater during wintertime.
Donkeys must be properly fed. Best donkey foods are natural. They are voracious eaters and they love to eat all day long. However, donkeys mustn't be allowed to eat too much because they can put on weight and extra-fat, donkeys cannot lose weight very easily.
All they need is good-quality pasture all through the year. Donkeys eat hay, freeze-dried grass, carrots, protein pellets/cubes, or a mixture of corn, oat bran and oats. Oats alone can be too rich for a donkey, and because of that they must be included in a mixture.
Also, one must bear in mind that this mixture must be offered only in a small quantity each day. If they have a healthy, natural diet, they won't need any kind of extra food. The only care they may need in this case is their dental hygiene.
In wintertime when pasture is inaccessible for instance, donkeys can be given some extra treats or nourishments, depending on the animal's specific needs. It's good to ask the opinion of a vet in this respect.
At any rate, the food supplements and special treats must be given according to certain appropriate conditions that must be observed. They can be given vegetables such as carrots, or cookies filled with odd. Green potatoes must be avoided though.
As it has been previously mentioned, the opinion of a vet must be taken into account when choosing the donkey's most proper diet. The vet's recommendations will probably be depending on the type of soil and climate of one's geographical region. Salt or mineral licking blocks can also be good for donkeys, but it's advisable to ask the vet again about this.
The donkey's feeding area must be kept very clean. This is meant to avoid any kind of health problems such as worm contamination, and so on. Mud must be removed, also the food buckets must be washed everyday and hay should be kept in a string basked that must be attached to a wall, in order to be off the floor level.
Donkeys love companionship, except for dogs. Dogs remind donkeys of wolves, and therefore can be scary for them. Although some people use donkeys as guardians for sheep and goats, donkeys don't like these animals too much, either. For fun or for work, donkeys are companions that have been around kings and of course let's remember that the King of Kings, Jesus Christ The Son of God has once entered Jerusalem riding a donkey!