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Facts About Osprey Bird - with Pictures

Pratik Joshi
Female Osprey birds are 20% bigger than males.
Ospreys can spot fish from 100 meters distance.
This beautiful bird is not just master in hunting, but also a great traveler.
It can fly up to 260 km every day and for continental journey it covers a distance of 6700 km in just 43-48 days.
At night male Osprey sleeps near the nest on a branch to protect the young Osprey bird.
An average life span of the Osprey is about 8-10 years, but in some rare cases, they live up to 20-25 years!
The Osprey is advance predator, they have a special eyelid cover to protect their eyes when they dive in into sea for hunting.
Scientists have found out that the modern Osprey species is 11 million years old!
Osprey can grow up to 60 cm in height and 180 cm in width (end to end wings).
Nests of Osprey are quite larger than the other birds, they are about 120-150 cm wide 50-60 cm deep.
There are some evidences that Ospreys use their nests for generations, like their ancestral property.