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How to Care for Finches

Gagan Dhillon
If you are looking to keep a pair of birds as pets, then this article is a must-read. Finches make wonderful pets. Let us have a look at some information on how to take care of them.
Finches are small birds that are known for their beautiful colors and beautiful songs. There are many varieties of these birds. The most well-known are zebra finch, red head parrot finch, orange weaver, strawberry, besides others. Finches are ideal for people who want low maintenance pets.
These birds don't require much human interaction, and are happy when left to themselves. If you want a pretty pair that chirps melody, then they are ideal for you. These small birds don't like to live alone. So, it is best to buy a pair initially, and later if you like, you can increase the number.

Buying Finches

Some finches are colorful and some sing beautifully. So, see what you want and make your choice accordingly.
It is best to buy from a recognized bird breeder than from a pet shop. A shop may be more convenient but the chances of getting home a sick bird is higher. Get home young birds as finches live up to 4 to 6 years.
Before you make your purchase from the breeder, take a good look at other cages to see if the birds are disease free and healthy. Get enough information about the birds and ask the breeder to give you some helpful tips on their care.


Finches need plenty of exercise. They need space to fly, so make sure that the cage can accommodate this need. Avoid small cages and don't put more than three birds in a medium-sized cage. It is best to have aviary to house the birds. These birds are territorial. So if you witness a bird getting bullied, consider increasing the number of birds you have.
Stick to either two birds or more than six birds. Make sure that the swings and perches that you use are made from non-toxic metal.
It is best to use wooden sticks, which will have to be replaced from time to time. This is done because the swing gets covered with bird droppings, therefore, the risk of health complications gets high. The bird cage must be lined with newspaper which should be changed every other day.


Finches mainly feed on grains, but in the wild, they are known to eat insects and worms. A pet owner must provide a well-balanced diet for it.
If you have purchased the bird from a breeder, it is wise to ask the breeder for a diet chart. These days, one can also purchase special food pellets that are customized to suit their nutrition intake. You can also give your bird some home cooked food like steamed vegetable, grains and egg.
Make sure that the food bowl is either made of stainless steel. Keep the food and water container away from each other; this will encourage the birds to be active. Also remember not to place the containers under the swings and perches, to avoid fecal contamination.


Make sure that the cage is cleaned once a week with a good disinfectant along with all the toys and food bowls inside it. The birds must have a bath once a week; this is even more important during the breeding season.
Place a deep dish with water for the bird bath. Their nails need to be clipped from time to time. Use a nail cutter which is customized for birds. Make sure that your feathered friends get fresh water to drink.
Get started on your new pet extravaganza. Now, you can spend those evenings sitting on the 'lazy boy' watching your birds twitter.