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Funny and Adorable Orangutan Pictures

Amruta Joshi
Orangutans are the only  arboreal great ape and are the largest tree living mammal in the world.
Orangutans are apes native to Indonesia and Malaysia and found in the rainforests of Sumatra and Borneo.
The average lifespan of the Orangutan is around 35 – 45 years.
The scientific name of this primate is Pongo.
Orangutans are intelligent creatures and express their emotions.
They spend their entire lives in trees and building nests for sleep.
Orangutans give birth at most once every 5 years. In all mammals, they take the longest time between births.
Although they are large, but in general they are quite gentle.
Orangutans sleep for 8 hours at night just like humans.
Around 90% of Orangutans eat fruit as a diet.
They mostly give birth to a single baby or occasionally twins.
Females raise their infants alone, and babies stay in the mother's nest for about seven to eight years.
The Orangutan is seven times stronger than a human.