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Guide to Set Up Your Hummingbird Feeder

Zoey Fawell
Hummingbirds are the most colorful and kooky creatures that ever existed. If you love birds then you will realize that there is nothing as remarkable and magical as catching hummingbirds.
However, if you want to get an up close view of these tiny birds, you have to set your hummingbird feeder in a prime location. If you set your hummingbird feeder in wrong location then you are likely to get only a few humming birds or no hummingbirds at all.
This is because the birds will just flutter about their feeder. That is why we have given you the best guide to set up your humming bird feeder so that you can get to experience the magic of having these tiny creatures in your own backyard.

Wash the Feeder

The first step to setting a hummingbird feeder is to ensure that the feeder is sparkling clean.  You can use a small amount of soap and elbow grease.
However, you should make sure you rinse the feeder well since sometimes the soap may leave very harmful residues in the feeder. You can also consider adding dry ice to the hummingbird feeder if your feeder is very dirty. Moreover, you can put small amount of rice in the feeder to act as an abrasive to help you clean the hard to reach areas.

Provide Perfect Food

Hummingbird food are not the expensive nectar solutions that one buys from stores, you just need two simple ingredients, which is water and sugar.
Some people though prefers dying the water red, this is not necessary as it has no nutritional value, in fact some of the chemicals in the dye can be harmful to the birds.

It is also very important to note that adding additional sweeteners such as honey is not prudent as they contain additional ingredient’s that can harm the birds.

Hang it up

The last step to setting your hummingbird feeder is hanging it in a correct position and place. You can pour a small amount of vegetable oil before filling the feeder to help keep ants off.
Remember to also pour the oil on the hook and string to make them slippery. The oil does not affect the humming birds since the feeders’ top is completely detachable from the feeder itself. Remember to clean your feeder more often especially during the hot weather.


Setting up your hummingbird’s feeder in an incorrect way will make the food to spoil faster, attract more pests and insects and may only make the feeder to leak.
This would generally mean you are feeding the predators other than the humming birds themselves.

Poor setting up of your hummingbird’s feeder could also make it difficult for these tiny birds to see it. Worst of them is that you can also forget to refill and clean the feeder.
I hope this guide will help you set your feeder correctly so that it becomes the trusty food source for famished birds, a fun view for those who will just be watching the hummingbirds eating and a pretty yard. Also ensure you buy the best hummingbird feeders that will last for long to ensure your birds are well fed.