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Information on Hobo Spiders

Madhavi Ghare
This story will tell you about the Hobo Spiders, and also the first aid that is required for their bite.
Hobo Spiders or Tegenaria Agrestis are also known as funnel web spiders. The characteristic of these spiders is that they build webs with a funnel-shaped structure at the center, where they lie in wait for their prey.


Hobo spiders are generally brown or rust colored. The female of the species is about 11 to 15 millimeters long, while the male is about 8 to 11 millimeters long. They are generally identified by a herringbone pattern on the top of their abdomens. Also, they have comparatively smoother legs.


These spiders construct a web which is a flattish or curved sheet of dense silk fibers, which curves upwards at the ends. The web then slants to one corner where it forms a tubular place, where the spider rests and waits for his prey. The tube also has an escape hole at the back. The web of the hobo spider is not sticky.


They prey on household pests such as houseflies, earwigs, silverfish, roaches, and beetles.

Where are They Found?

Hobo spiders are natives of western and central Europe. They are also found in the northwestern parts of USA and southwestern parts of Canada. They generally prefer moderately dry and warm climates, and are normally found in gardens, fields, and hedges.

Bite and Treatment

Although these spiders are known for being aggressive, humans are not their prey. However, they can certainly bite humans when they feel threatened or when they are accidentally squeezed or crushed. Their venom is strong enough to cause a lot of pain, and often, the skin at and around the area of the bite will get destroyed and fall off.
When one is bitten, care must be taken to ensure that the wound bleeds, thus, washing out the venom. An antiseptic should be applied to the area of the bite. One should never scratch the area of the bite. The use of aspirin, and cold or hot packs should also be avoided. Call your doctor immediately and take the treatment that is prescribed.