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Homemade Bird Feeders

Kalpana Kumari
Bird watchers know how special the moments spent watching birds feed are. Homemade bird feeders can be easily made from inexpensive materials. Here are some types of feeders, instructions to make them, and some precautions to take before installing one in your garden.
The sound of birds chirping early in the morning is so pleasant. An easy trick to have this soothing entertainment outside your house every morning is to build bird feeders and hang them in your garden. This will give you the opportunity to feed wild birds as well as protect them from extreme weather conditions.
Brightly-colored bird feeders are perfect to attract birds. Moreover, homemade feeders are great decorative items to have in your garden. Once hung, it will provide enjoyment for years. People who are passionate about bird watching, keep video cameras to record their cuddling little friends.
Feeders are beautiful pieces in themselves. The ready-made ones can be costly, therefore the ideal option would be homemade feeders. Making a feeder at home using inexpensive materials would meet the purpose of attracting birds to your surroundings, and also save you some money.


Constructing a feeder is fun and will give you immense pleasure. You can choose a type depending upon the materials you have. Here are some types of feeders:
◈ In case your garden or the space around your house lacks a tree or a high spot, you should go for the post feeder. This type of feeder will blend in among the plants in your locality.
◈ If you have pets like cats, dogs, and possums lingering in the garden which might become a danger to the visiting feathered guests, then you should choose to build a hanging feeder. The only thing you need for this is a tall tree.
◈ There are some birds, such as finches, which prefer to eat from the ground. You will often see them feeding on the spills from the hanging feeders. For these birds, go for a ground-level feeder. This kind is only appropriate when the surrounding is completely free from predators like cats and dogs.
◈ If you do not want to keep refilling the food in the feeder, then build a running-line feeder. This type is attached to a line connecting your balcony to a tree. This will allow you to support a number of feeders. Use a strong rope for this purpose.

Instructions to Make Your Own:

Pine Cone Feeder:

You will require:
  • a pine conelight
  • weight wire
  • peanut butter
  • bird seeds
Wrap the wire around the pine cone in such that it create a hanger. Spread the peanut butter all over the pine cone and cover it with bird seeds. The peanut butter will stick the seeds to the pine cone.

Cereal Feeder:

Take any round cereal with a hole―such as cheerios―loop them on a string, tie the ends, and hang it up.

Christmas Tree Feeder:

Place the Christmas tree in a corner of your garden. Coat the branches with peanut butter, and hang food items such as suet. Since the birds need more fat in the winter, suet will be perfect. You can also hang other feeders, like the pine cone or cereal types mentioned above, on the Christmas tree like ornaments.


There are some risks in feeding wild birds. Birds collecting at the feeder in your garden might spread or contract various diseases. Poorly maintained feeders allow pathogenic microbial growth, and thus can cause harm to the visiting birds.
The birds coming to the feeders are always at a risk of predation by cats and dogs. If you wish to have a feeder in your backyard, you must first ensure the safety of your feathered guests. This can be done by:
  • Regular disinfection of the feeders.
  • Avoiding rancid or moldy feed.
  • Proper positioning of the feeders to avoid crowding.
Feeders made from easily available materials are the best decorative pieces in your garden, courtyard, or terrace. You can satisfy your concern for your little friends with the help of bird feeders. Homemade ones are ornamental masterpieces in the backyard, which you can cherish for several years without spending much on their maintenance.
They are the perfect way of showing your love and concern towards the birds. Build one, and enjoy the chirping of little birds every morning.