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If Animals Could Talk?

What will Animals ask for if they had a voice? Here is what we think as an animal protection organization.
Wild and Free Foundation

Ability to Feel Comfort

Animals feel heat and cold like humans. Protection from the elements like the sun or rain is seen throughout nature. Being protected from the elements is clearly beneficial.

Full Tummies

Hunger is real issue and animals need to eat and drink to live. Adequete food and drink! what does that mean? Please can we have good quality and enough quantity's of food and water would be the question!

Quality Time

Most animals are social. That means they would want as much time to do the things they enjoy doing. One example is relaxing with family and friends.


Animals like their freedom and hate being tied up or captured in small enclosures. The freedom to be in their natural environment is very likely on the list of questions animals would ask.

No Pain!

Animals feel pain. For example, if an animal is hungry and finds a piece of plastic with a little food left over in it. The animal might eat the plastic. The animal can feel immense pain and death is possible if not treated.

No Tricks!

Animal brains are not as advanced as compared to humans. An example is the typical snare. Snare's are put our in the natural environment along normal walking paths of animals. Animals are tricked into stepping into or walk into a snare capturing the animals. Please don't trick me would be a question animals would ask.

No Hunting!

Animals are hunted for many reasons. No more hunting and being killed is definitely a request animals would ask if they could talk. Even though Animal Protection agencies like the Wild and Free Foundation work hard for this cause. Help is always needed.