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Information About the Sea Lion With Pictures

Prajakta Patil
The sea lion is marine mammal which is from the pinniped family.
There are commonly 3 types of sea lions:
1) California sea lion
2) Japanese sea lion
3) Galapagos sea lion
They have a special structured body to live in the water like swim fins and flippers.
They are also known as "Angel of the Sea" because of their unique way of swimming and their wings which look like angel wings.
Sea lions can live for 20 - 30 years on an average.
The male sea lion is known as bull and female is known as cow.
The female sea lion is smaller than the male sea lion.
The female sea lion has 12 month pregnancy period.
Baby sea lions are called as pups. They are very cute looking creatures.
Pups are born 10 - 15 pounds and initial 4 to 8 months they are nursed by their mother.
They can sleep in the water and outside the water both.
Sea lions live in groups. These groups are called as colony.
Fish and squid are a favorite food for sea lions.
They communicate with each other using various sounds like barks, grunts and growls.
They have very small ears to pick up the sound in water and out of water.