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Information on Beetles with Pictures

Amruta Joshi
Beetles are the largest group of living organisms.
There are more than 350,000 species of beetles present.
The order Coleoptera is the largest group of beetles.
They are found almost anywhere on the planet.
These can survive in any environment condition and in any climate.
Beetles are recognized by their hardened forewings, which protects their soft abdomen.
Beetles vary in size from microscopic to giant.
The fringed ant is a type which is only 0.25 mm in length and has weight just 0.4 milligrams, and Goliath beetle is about 100 grams in weight.
Most beetles eat plants, but some hunt smaller insect.
Name beetle comes from the old English word bitela, means little bitter.
Bark beetles and wood-borers are the type which destroys millions of trees each year.
People spend millions on pesticides to control agricultural loss due to Colorado potato beetle.
Some pests like the Khapra beetle can destroy stored grains and can cause economic loss.
Some species of beetle produce light, and glow in a dark like Fireflies.
Many beetles like June beetle, are famous for producing sounds.