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Instructions for Making a Homemade Bird Bath

Sailee Kale
If you are fond of birds, then your garden or backyard is incomplete without a bird bath. Put one up in your backyard and you will be thrilled to see birds flocking to take a dip in it. Here, we provide instructions for making homemade bird baths.
Traditional bird baths are made of terracotta or molded concrete. But these can be expensive. Homemade bird baths are fun and easy to make and do not require a lot of effort and money. They are an economical way to beautify your garden. Here is how you can make a simple bird bath at home.

Steps to Make a Homemade Bird Bath

Materials Required

  • A bowl (could be an old plastic bowl, a shallow garbage can lid, a pan or wok, a clay pot saucer, anything that's not more than 3 inches deep)
  • Cutter
  • Long thin chains or sturdy ropes
  • A stone or a heavy metal object that can act as a weight
  • Adhesive/glue
  • Hook (optional)


  • Clean the bowl thoroughly. Make sure it does not have any sharp corners or edges.
  • Drill three holes in the bowl near the rim. String the ropes or chains through them, making tight knots near the holes where they have been strung, and also at the top end to create a loop.
  • Affix the stone or metal object using the glue on the base of the bowl.
  • Fill the bowl with clean water.
  • Hang it using the hook or on a branch, preferably near the shade.
Wait and watch the birds gathering around your newly constructed bath to sip or take a dip!

Additional Tips for the Bird Bath

► Instead of hanging the bird bath, simply place the bowl on the ground, near the flowers or beneath the trees where birds are likely to stop by.
You can add colored pebbles in the bowl just to make it look more attractive, especially if the container you have chosen is deeper than 3 inches. You can also paint the outer side of the bowl or attach bird ornaments so it looks pretty. Be careful not to use anything that might scare them away!
► Placing the bird bath on a pillar or pedestal in the garden is also a good idea, provided the structures are not too out in the open with zero shade nearby.
You can fix the bowl on top of the pedestal using a weatherproof adhesive. Make sure it's firmly attached to the pedestal and should not tilt and fall down, either by strong gusts or if someone accidentally bumps into it. Adorn the pillar using garden ornaments and accessories.
► If your garden has a water fountain, keep the bird bath next to it. This will lure more birds since they are attracted to moving water. If you do not have a water fountain, not a problem!
Here's how to make a quick and simple bird fountain - take a plastic bottle or a watering can, make a hole in it and hang it with a thread a few feet over the bird bath. It should provide a slow, steady trickle to the container below.
Birds will get drawn to the dripping water. This also acts as a deterrent to mosquitoes as the water is not stagnant anymore because of the ripples created by the dripping water.
► Get creative and instead of using a bowl, use a hollowed-out log to fill water. It could be placed anywhere near small shrubbery.
► Putting a bird feeder filled with sunflower or suet seeds next to the bird bath is a sure shot way to entice birds. Just make certain you clean both the feeder and the bird bath regularly of any feedings and droppings.
Caring for your bird bath is important. Find a suitable spot in the backyard or garden which is safe from predators like hawks, eagles or cats. Pick a spot that is not too sunny, nor should it be entirely covered in shade all day long. Replace the water in the bath everyday. Clean the bird bath. Scrub out any algae or moss that may have formed on the bowl.
Do not use harsh chemicals to clear away the algae and moss formation. In winter, make sure the water does not freeze over. Keep the bird bath free of ice.
A bird bath is not only a source of water for birds, but also provides a decorative element to your garden. So go ahead, build a simple bird bath and take pleasure in watching your feathered friends flying down to enjoy a splash.