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Interesting Facts about the Vervet Monkey

Sailee Kale
A member of the Old World Monkeys, the vervet monkey is found in south-east Africa. Here are some interesting facts about this small black-faced monkey. They abound in savannas, forests and even lofty mountains, in areas with a high density of trees. Being highly adaptable, they can even be found close to human dwellings and urban habitats.

The Living Style

The diurnal animals are gregarious and live in groups called troops of 40-80, mostly made up of adult females and their offspring.

Physical Features

They are born with a pink face and black hair.

Activities of Vervet Monkeys

Young monkeys are very playful, and their favorite activities are chasing one another and pushing each other down from the branches of trees.

The Speciality of Vervets

Vervets are excellent jumpers and swimmers.

The Habits of Vervet Mothers

Immediately after birth, the female licks the baby clean and eats up the placenta.

Grooming Techniques of Vervets

As with other monkeys, grooming is an important aspect of vervets. They groom each other by removing lodged dirt and bugs from other vervets' fur.