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Know About Mountain Lion with Pictures

Learn about this beautiful animal ahead...
Mountain lions are large animals. These are tan cat species native to America.
Other names of mountain lion are cougar, catamount, puma, panther.
Its scientific name is Puma concolor.
Females weigh 85-120 pounds and males weigh 120-180 pounds.
On an average, mountain lions live for 8-10 years.
The mountain lion has a great jumping ability, it can jump to a height of 40 ft.
Mountain lions cannot roar. Instead, they growl like house cats.
Mountain lions avoid encounters with human beings.
Mountain lions are fast runners and infact can reach speeds of 43.5 mph.
Mountain lions feed on deer mostly, but they also eat mice and rabbits.
Female mountain lion, most of the time gives birth every two years.
They are skilled climbers and dwell in trees.

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