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Manas Resort – A Delightful Retreat for Bird Lovers

Manas Resort With Petting Zoo
In the cities, the sight of birds flitting from trees to trees and chirping away merrily has become quite rare indeed, much to the consternation of bird lovers. At Manas Resort, you can closely observe, and interact with a large variety of exotic birds who call the resort their home.
Ensconced in Igatpuri, a beautiful hill station in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra, Manas Resort with petting zoo is a picnic spot, a weekend getaway and a petting zoo, all rolled into one.
Manas Resort has nurtured a conducive environment for many exotic species of birds, from Macaws and African Grey Parrots to Red Turkeys, to make the resort their natural abode. You will also find varied exotic breeds of pheasant and chickens like Cochin Bantams, Silkie Bantams and many more.
You can enter the resort’s aviaries anytime to enjoy the company of these birds. The birds are well-trained, and readily mingle with humans. Savor the experience of the birds sitting trustingly on your arms and eating out of your hands!
Apart from birds, Manas Resort also houses a variety of dog breeds including Jack Russell Terriers, Japanese Akitas and Rough Collies, and other exotic mammals like German Angoras and Mini Lops. You can play with them to your heart’s content in the resort’s 15,000 sq ft off-leash pet park.
You are free to bring along your own pets to the resort. They will surely have the time of their lives playing with the in-house animals, swimming in a pool specially made for pets, and exercising on the agility equipment. Your pets can even be trained by the resort’s pet trainer.
If you love birds and animals, Manas Resort is a golden chance for you to relish in their antics, and enjoy a rejuvenating getaway in the vicinity of nature.