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Most Astonishing Creatures of Nature

Raksha Kulkarni
Nature has proved to be the best creative artist there ever is. The art can be seen in all the different creatures that co-exist on this planet. Some are immensely colorful, some have made some exceptional adaptations, and some may have some weird looks.
These remarkable creatures and our planet’s biodiversity need to be celebrated instead of killing them out of fear.
Mind-blowing, isn't it?
....but they also engage in weird ploughing behavior with it.They keep pushing their head through sand making trails.
Babirusas not only have weird horns....
The Star-nosed Mole is weird-looking, almost blind but speedy, and the fastest eater!
Umbonia spinosa are thorn bugs found in subtropical parts and can be identified by their huge dorsal horn.
The suspended wattle of a Long-wattled Umbrellabird is inflatable, often used by males to attract females.
The caterpillar has two eye-spots each side of the abdomen, which are exposed to scare away a threatening predator.
They have scales on their lower legs that protect them from snakebites.
The Secreratary birds are known to fearlessly stomp snakes on ground.
The pink color of the shell is because of the blood vessel network in its armor.
Mandarin fish don’t have scales. They secrete mucus instead, which keep them safe from predators and parasites.
Their bright colors are used to fool the predators thinking they’re poisonous.
The Leafy Sea Dragon’s body is designed specifically to camouflage among the seaweeds but the leaf-like parts don’t aid them in swimming.
The Glasswing Butterfly may look fragile but it can carry up to 40 times its body weight, and also are known to travel up to 19 km per day during migration.
These fuzzy cuties are actually wasps, not ants! Also, they’re known as ‘cow-killers’ because of their dangerous sting.
Amazing or Terrifying?
Their punch may even crack an aquarium’s glass!
These are known for their fastest punches that they use to crack open snails, etc.
The weirdly adorable animal is real!
The Axolotl can regenerate its spines, jaws, and even brains!
The cute ones swallow their prey whole as they miss a toothy tongue like other octopuses!
Unlocked Immortality!
Their fingers are weirdly slim and long, especially the middle finger. They use the finger to gnaw a hole in wood, at a speed of 8 times per second!