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Most Poisonous Spider

Rahul Thadani
The world's most poisonous spider has the ability to kill a human being with a single bite. Avoiding these spiders is not always possible, but one must always take some precautions. The most important thing is to get treatment immediately if one has been bitten.
Spiders kill their prey by injecting venom or poison into them, and this venom can harm human beings as well. Some spiders are more poisonous than others and as a result, a small amount of their venom can also affect human beings. If a person has been exposed to a high amount of spider venom, there is even a chance of it being a fatal exposure.

The Most Venomous Spider

Scientific tests have proven that the spider which is the most venomous is the Brazilian Wandering spider.
The scientific name for this species is Phoneutria Nigriventer, and it is commonly found in the tropical areas of Central America and South America. It is extremely aggressive in nature and is known to be the biggest cause of spider venom related human deaths in the world. It has been found in many imports of bananas into the United States.
It is also known as the banana spider; rather the banana spider can be referred to as the Golden Silk Orb Weaver, the Brazilian Wandering spider, or the Argiope appensa, a black and yellow-colored spider.
A spider's danger to human beings is measured by the amount of venom that it can inject into the human system, along with a combination of its closeness to human settlements. In both these regards, no spider is more dangerous to human beings than the Brazilian wandering spider.
There are about 8 different varieties of this species, and all of them are a very real threat to human beings. This spider is found in highly-populated regions of Brazil and other South American countries.
The scariest thing about this spider is its wandering nature. This means that the species does not stick to jungles, but crawls around freely. The regularity with which it is found in the Brazilian area is simply due to the fact that it can be present anywhere. This is another quality that makes it extremely deadly for humans.


The presence of a neurotoxin known as PhTx3 is what makes this species the deadliest. If this neurotoxin is injected into the body in large volumes, it can cause a host of different problems and complications.
A person can suffer from intense pain as a result of the bite, and can also face tremendous breathing problems that can ultimately lead to death by asphyxiation. Loss of control over muscles is also a commonly seen effect of the venom, and there have even been some reported cases of paralysis as a result of a bite by this spider.
It is said that as much as 0.006 mg of the venom is sufficient to kill a mouse. So one can imagine what a full-fledged bite can do to a human being. Another danger of the bite is priapism.
This is a condition where a male gets uncontrollable erections for hours at a stretch and this can lead to impotence. Getting immediate treatment is absolutely imperative if one is bitten.

Deadliest Spider in North America

North America contains 2 species of spiders that are extremely poisonous and dangerous to human beings. These are the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider. The black widow spider is found in areas where grapes are grown, and the females are the ones that bite.
The males are much smaller and harmless, and it is said that the females sometimes even eat the males after mating with them. This spider is most commonly found in California, and the symptoms of poisoning are similar to those generated by the Brazilian wandering spider.
The brown recluse spider is much smaller, but in a way, its venom is more dangerous. Instead of affecting the nerves and muscles, the venom affects the skin and tissues surrounding the area of the bite.
In extreme cases, a bite can even lead to amputation. Most people can survive it, but children and people with weak immune systems are more prone to displaying severe symptoms.
The Hobo spider is another from the lot whose venom causes substantial pain and may even lead to necrosis of the affected area. A native of Europe, this spider builds its web in and around human habitat. Owing to its poor eyesight, it is aggressive in nature.
Poisonous spiders can end up killing a person if the bite is not treated immediately. Avoiding them is the best solution, but this is not possible all the time. It is better to avoid going into dark corners unexpectedly, and it is also advisable to be fully covered while doing so.
The ability of identifying spiders and separating them into poisonous and non-poisonous can make living in the areas where there are chances of humans coming into contact with them, a little bit easy.