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Nubian Goats Info

Chandramita Bora
The Nubian goat or the Anglo-Nubian goat breed was developed in Great Britain. Nubian goats are so resilient that they can tolerate extremely hot climatic conditions. Find out some amazing facts about these goats and how to take care for them, in this story.
The Nubian or Anglo-Nubian is a goat breed developed in England by breeding native milking stock with goats from the Middle East and North Africa. The resulting Anglo-Nubian goats, also known as Nubian goats, are one of the resilient goats that can tolerate very hot climatic conditions.
The goats of this breed are quite large and possess a long breeding season, as compared to other dairy goat breeds. They are often considered one the best goats for milking.

The Nubian Goat Characteristics

They have many distinctive characteristics, such as a large, pendulous, or floppy ear, and a Roman nose. A roman nose is also called aquiline nose for its prominent and slightly curved bridge. The male goats are pretty large and can weigh up to 175 lbs, while the females usually weigh around 135 lbs.
The female goats or 'does' usually attain a height of 30 inches, while the males or the 'bucks' can grow up to a height of almost 35 inches. The coat of the Nubian goat is short, fine, and glossy, which gives a sleek look to its body. The coat can be of any color, and spotted or particolored.
These goats are highly resilient, and they can withstand very hot climates and temperatures up to -15°C. They are much larger than the common dairy goats, and have more flesh on their body, which makes them an ideal dual-purpose breed. In other words, they can be raised for both meat and milk. The milk of these goats are considered very healthy.
The fat content of the milk is however, more than the milk of other dairy goats. The butterfat content of the milk is more than the milk of other goat breeds, excluding the Nigerian Dwarf goat, Boer goat breeds, and Pygmy goat. The milk is smooth and very creamy, and it can be used to make both butter and cottage cheese.

Raising Nubian Goats

Apart from meat and milk, Nubian goats can be raised as pets. In fact, they can be considered an excellent pet due to their good temperament. These goats are intelligent and won't bother you much unless they need something.
If you are considering to raise these goats for milk, then you have to pay a little attention to their food. You have to provide them good quality food to get better milk. So, give them good quality grains, pasture, alfalfa, and clover hay. Along with these, give them plenty of water, about 3 to 5 gallons water daily.
A shelter is very important for goats, in order to maintain their health and general well-being. So, build a good shelter that can protect your Nubian goats from rain. While making a shelter, be sure to use only non-toxic things, and avoid the plants that are toxic to them.
The shelter should be properly fenced in order to protect the goats from predators, and prevent them from wandering here and there.Along with a shelter, provide them dry bedding, such as wheat straw or hay to lie on. To maintain the health of your goats, it is important to keep their shelter clean from manures and soiled bedding.
In addition to these, their hooves need to be trimmed at regular intervals, especially if you are residing in a hilly area. This can be done once in every three months, in order to avoid foot rot.
Whether you want to raise Nubian goats for their meat and milk, or simply as pets, you have to take good care of them to keep them healthy and robust.