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Parakeets as Pets

Pragya T
Parakeets as pets are perfect for bird owners who are just starting out. Keep reading to learn about the reasons which make these birds so great as pets and the types of parakeets.
Parakeets are found originally in the woods and grasslands regions of southern and central Australia. The average lifespan of parakeets can range from anywhere between 5 - 9 years. Parakeets if measured from their beak to the tip of their tail are around 8 inches.
There are around 8 kinds of parakeets, but they all make pretty good pets. According to the bird and the appearance of which you like, you can buy the pet parakeet from a pet store.
Parakeets (budgies) in the wild are found in green and yellow color, and have dark greenish flight feathers which can appear almost black in color. But due to captive breeding there are many vivid colors.
One can even distinguish the male and female bird by their appearance, the males have purple colored ceres (fleshy covering present at the base of the upper beak); while the color of the ceres of the females is brownish. This was some general info, but the question remains. What makes them as pets so popular?

Why Should One Consider Parakeets for Pets?

Here are some reasons which make them so adorable and perfect for novice bird owners
● They are inexpensive and pet care for these birds is quite easy.
● They are quite entertaining and provide great amusement.
● They are great for people of all ages, especially for children.
● They are not as delicate or weak as other pet birds and can live happily at any place and in any environment. They can also live in apartments.
● Provide your pet parakeet some freshwater and good food to maintain its health, and treat it once in a while and provide it some amusement. For this they will give you lots of love back.
● These pets are brainy, can talk, whistle, and sing.
● A parakeet when close to its owner will become very excited after the owner returns home at the end of the day.
● These birds are very tame and can be let outside their cage by their owners. They can be allowed to nibble on a piece of jewelry like your earring or bracelet.
● They can also nibble on other things like clothes, furniture, drapes, or anything else that catches their attention.Another great thing about having parakeets as pets is that they will also enjoy music with you on the radio and even sing along.
● They also respond back by talking to other birds, whether it is the real ones or the birds talking on a disc.


Look online for pictures and prices of the different kinds of parakeets. Here are some of the popular types of parakeets from which you can select the one you like.

Budgies as Pets

These are the most commonly known type of parakeet. They are now available in many colors and are great jovial birds who like to play and explore their surroundings.

Monk/Quaker Parakeets

These birds are green in color with orangish beaks. They are very charming, great talkers, keep scratching their head, and like to cuddle.

Red Rump Parakeets

These birds have a slightly broader frame compared to most other parakeets and have beautiful blending of the feather colors.
They often make the sound of a whistle and other than pet foods like seeds, they can be fed veggies, millet, and fruits like apples and oranges.

Barred/Catherine/Lineolated Parakeets

These are very small in size and have a natural green color. For people looking for small-sized and easy-to-care pets, they are a good choice.

Indian Ringnecks

Also called as Indian Ringneck parrots, are a bit nippy and hard to tame, but are very smart, sweet in nature and have a charming personality.
Get the kind of parakeet you would like to have as a pet. Ensure, that you don't keep your pet parakeet with other birds, as they don't respond well to having other birds in their surroundings.