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Peacock Facts with Pictures

Peacocks are beautiful and attractive, and are famous mainly for their feathers.

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The tail feathers of a peacock are the most decorative, and are called a train.
When happy, peacocks spread their feathers in merriment.
Peacocks spread feathers during rains to attract peahens for mating.

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The female is called peahen. Peahens, however do not have feathers as beautiful as the peacocks.
Peacocks  originate from Asia and are most popular in India.
Peacocks have an average lifespan of 10 – 25 years.
On an average, peacocks weigh around 4-6 kg.
Peacocks are in great demand owing to their beauty, and can be seen in zoos and parks.
It is advised not to keep peacock or peahen as pet because they are aggressive creatures.
The beauty of this bird is wonderfully satisfying and praiseworthy.

 Pratik Joshi

Apr 5, 2021
Viktor Shimin, Vivek Doshi, Stephanie LeBlanc, Lisa Kohnen, Hans Veth, Zuzanna J, Taychin Olarnwichitwong