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Quick Things to Know About Parakeet Bird with Pictures

Amruta Joshi
The word 'parakeet' means a long tail.
Parakeets are very faithful to their partners for entire lives.
Parakeets have Australian origin.
Parakeets are very intelligent and can be taught a large vocabulary.
Parakeet bird is also called as budgies.
Parakeets uses body language to express their emotions and for communication.
Parakeet can talk, and males usually have a larger vocabulary than females.
Parakeets can live up to 14 years.
Parakeets may do the singing and dancing for their partner.
Parakeet birds are good learners and they can remember their name.
You can show your love to Parakeets by gently touching them.
So, shower your love to Parakeets and get yourself happy.