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Reasons Everyone Must Volunteer at an Animal Shelter at Least Once

Sonal Dharmadhikari
Animal shelters provide a home to those animals who have no family. If you are an animal lover, an eager volunteer or just a compassionate soul, consider volunteering at such a shelter at least once in your life - the experience will teach you many a priceless things.

Animals Teach The Best Life Lessons

Anyone who has been with animals will know that, initially, their ways will seem very different from what we humans are used to dealing with. They may behave in peculiar ways and till one gets to know what that behavior means, one has to be patient and calm.
Such life skills - learning to adapt to new beings, being patient, calm, and handling crisis coolly - are the best lessons our animal friends teach us. What better a place to start learning than an animal shelter?

Meet Like - Minded Friends

If you have shifted to a new city and don't know where to start looking for friends, animal shelters are an interesting option. Though hobby classes are a good option, they may not suit your timings (or budget) and pubs are too mainstream, aren't they?(!)
In the local animal shelter, you may come across people who share your love for animals and are willingly doing a selfless deed. And our ever-friendly furry beings will help you forge new bonds of friendship!

Great Tips For A (Pet) Parent-to-be

You've always wanted that little kitten or pup, but are apprehensive about how you'll manage as a pet parent? Animal shelters can help you get over your anxiety and uncertainty regarding animal behavior and companionship.
Being around animals will enable you to observe their lives, food habits, health, and wellness as well and mold you as an empathetic pet parent.

Meet The Most Empathetic Friends

Do we all not long for a friend who understands and loves us without any ulterior motives, unconditionally? Animals, especially dogs, have long known to be the good souls who sense your upheaval and try to comfort you. Who can resist such an innocent companion, and an opportunity to meet them regularly?

Helping To Complete A Family

Animal shelters are places where animals without a family are rescued and looked after. We all know the importance and a sense of attachment of being in a family brings about. If an animal can become a loving family's newest member, wouldn't it be the best gift we can give them? And if a compassionate human may find solace and joy in an animal, the merrier!
Remember, a pet is like the whole family for some people... and for every pet, the family is his whole world!

Our (Return) Gift To The Nature

Nature has given us innumerable gifts, which we do not have the capability to reciprocate to. Animal shelters often face a shortage of volunteers, and animals in general are in need of care often. By helping an animal in distress, giving it care and making its life better, we can repay at least a fraction of the debt that Nature has blessed us with.
Working at an animal shelter can give you many things - experience, life skills, memories and friendships. In growing up and growing wise, all these will be of great help.