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14 Scary-looking Animals that are Harmless

Raksha Kulkarni
Nature has always been full of so many amazing creatures. One of the amusing facts is that there are animals that look very scary but can cause no harm to us. This story lists out 14 such deadly-looking but harmless animals.

Caring Blood-suckers!

Vampire bats are feared all over because of their blood sucking. But, they are the only bats who care for their neighbor's young if something happens to their mothers. Talk about how shallow looks can be!
The words snakes, spiders, or lizards send chills down our spine. Moreover, the names like crocodiles and sharks can even give us heart attacks! What do they all have in common? Some characteristics like crawling, sharp teeth, and venom are enough for us to fear them. But, that's just looks and some half-knowledge too.
Remember the last time you shrieked on seeing small cockroach or a lizard in your house. The truth is that they are totally harmless and in fact, they are scared of you.
We agree there are many animals that are so deadly that they can kill you in no time. But that doesn't mean you get scared of every animal that looks ugly or deadly. Often, looks are deceiving. Imagine a shark not harming you. Impossible, you think? Possible, we say. Given here are some animals that look scary but are totally harmless to human beings.

Dangerous-looking Animals that are Harmless


This ugly and deadly-looking lemur from Madagascar is one of the most feared animals. These animals have many weird traits which contribute to the fear.
They have a witch-like middle finger. Because of these weird physical attributes, there was a superstition that these gentle creatures are symbols of death. For this reason, they were even killed. But let us tell you, these creatures are not harmful to humans.

Vampire Bat

These blood-sucking bats from Brazil, Chile, and Mexico are feared because of their primary food source which is blood. There are 3 species of this type, which can be identified by a conical muzzle.
The common vampire bat also has a specialized nose which helps it in detecting places where the blood flows close to the skin of the prey. The truth is that they prefer the blood of cows and goats over humans. So technically,they are harmless to human beings.


These huge scavengers are always soaring high in the sky! The huge body, sharp beak and claws, and their characteristic of feeding on dead bodies are the factors which make them scary.
But these giants do not attack a living being. There have been cases where they have attacked weak animals, but never the healthy ones.


Gharials are related to crocodiles and alligators, which explains their looks. Plus, the long snout with almost 110 sharp teeth can make anyone run away from them.
Before you judge them by their looks, wait! Truth is that these animals will never attack any large animal or human being. Their snout is quite fragile and is not made to chew on our flesh. They only hunt small frogs, fish, and insects.

Milk Snake

These snakes resemble the highly venomous coral snakes. The only difference in their appearance is the order of the colors. The truth is that these snakes are harmless.
They are not venomous and are very docile in nature. These are also kept as pets because of their tolerant temperament. Whenever in confusion, just remember this sentence:"Red next to black is a friend of Jack; red next to yellow will kill a fellow".

Giant African Millipede

Giant African Millipedes are one of the largest millipedes in the world. They can grow up to 15 inches in length and 4 inches in width, just like a small snake.
These wriggly creatures can look like they will wriggle their way out and come, eat you! But these are absolutely harmless as they feed on decomposing vegetation. It won't sting or bite, which is why they are quite popular as pets.

Manta Ray

Imagine yourself snorkeling or scuba diving in a beautiful blue ocean, and suddenly seeing a huge ray swimming towards you. Won't it be scary?
Manta rays are feared because they are confused with their cousins, sting rays which have barbed stingers. These are one of the smartest fish and will cause no harm to humans. They can't harm humans because they don't have stingers. They feed on small fish.

Sand Tiger Shark

The sight of a shark can get you a heart attack! The sand tiger shark is one of those which has kept many people away from the waters. They have sharp teeth that look like a barbed-wire fence.
Their diet consists of small fish and squids. Actually, their mouths aren't capable of causing any human fatality. There are no human fatalities ever recorded. Some attacks have been recorded but they were just a response to people troubling them.

Naked Mole Rat

If you're seeing this weird animal for the first time, it's sure to give you chills!
It looks like a blob of flesh with two protruding teeth and a tail. But this one-of-a-kind animal can cause no harm to you. Generally, it lives deep inside a burrow. These hardly come out on land and even if they come, they can't harm humans. The young ones are born blind so be sure that some may not even see you.

Rhinoceros Beetle

Any bug or beetle is actually feared, but the one with horns is obviously more feared. This is a subfamily of large beetles that have horns, which give them the scary factor.
Some of the species very commonly seen are the Atlas beetle, Hercules beetle, or the common rhinoceros beetle. The horns are there to fight with others of the same species (and, not humans!). The fact that they cannot bite or sting makes them totally harmless. Some Asians even keep these as pets.

Whip Spider

Imagine an animal that looks like a tail-less scorpion and a spider, just near your foot! You don't need to scream or run for your life.
These are not spiders or scorpions, but they belong to the same family. The fact is that they don't have venom glands or stingers. If at all it bites you (normally, it won't!), it will just hurt like a small thorn. It has no venom and the bite is not painful.

Thorny Devil

Lizards? NO! A lizard with sharp thorns? No answer, because you might have run away already! This thorny animal is from the Australian deserts. It is nothing like it looks.
The first thing it will do after seeing you, is run away! You have nothing to worry about the thorns, only the predator who tries to swallow it has to worry. Also, its diet consists of ants. It does not bother humans.

Basking Shark

The second-largest living fish, after the whale shark, is the basking shark. Although it has a huge body and a deadly face, this shark is actually harmless to humans. It is a plankton-eating shark. These sharks are actually said to be docile and friendly in nature. Some have been seen circling divers, doing no harm!

Goliath Birdeater

This gigantic spider is a type of tarantula, native to the rainforests of South America. It gets its name because it was first discovered when it was eating a hummingbird.
These have large fangs and also have venom. But the venom is harmless to humans and is similar to a wasp sting. Another fact is that they are quite docile and will only bite in self-defense. So, the mantra is to not trouble them!