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Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountains

Dhanya Joy
Solar powered bird bath fountains are very useful for those who wish to have a bird habitat in their garden or backyard. It is especially useful to attract wild birds and for feeding them. This article explains what these fountains are like and their benefits.
Feeding birds and watching them in the backyard, is something many people love to do. But many times, it becomes difficult to attract wild birds to the garden or backyard, and this can be disappointing for passionate bird watchers and those who enjoy bird feeding.
The solution to this is a solar powered fountain. Wild birds can be easily attracted to your garden or backyard by setting up a bird bath fountain. Birds enjoy bathing and drinking water since it is more difficult for them to find water than food.
Along with providing food at a bird feeding station, providing fresh clean water to wild birds will make sure that they visit your artificial bird habitat regularly.

How do They Work?

These fountains are powered by solar panels, and they work in the presence of sunlight. They consist of a solar panel, a water pump, and a bowl placed on a pedestal. The water is generated by the pump only when it is placed in direct sunlight.
The solar panel is located in the bowl or is connected to it and it uses solar energy to generate water from the pump that is located in the pedestal. The water is then circulated throughout the fountain by the water pump.
Also, the water need not be replaced, as it is recycled by a filter that is present in the water pump. Therefore, clean and fresh water is made available all the time for the visiting birds.


Solar fountains have many advantages. They use a natural and renewable source of energy, namely sunlight, to generate power which makes them inexpensive. They considerably reduce energy bills, as conventional sources of energy are becoming increasingly expensive.
These bird baths are also very easy to set up. They can be set up in places where access to electric power is not available, and can also be moved to any place that receives direct sunlight. They are self-contained units as compared to electric water fountains that require complex wirings and fittings. 
They are environment-friendly, and are very easy to maintain as they do not consist of batteries. Since the water is circulated continuously, problems related to stagnant water―like mosquito breeding, bacteria infestation, and formation of mold―do not occur. Another benefit is that the sound created by the circulating water attracts many wild birds.
The only disadvantage of these fountains is that they do not function on cloudy days or in the winter.
The concept of bird bath fountains is new, they are available in various designs and materials, like weathered stone resin, concrete, brass, iron, aluminum, copper, etc. Some of the solar fountains are installed with a heater, so that the water in the can be kept at a constant temperature.
A solar powered fountain can be a great addition to your garden décor, and will complement your artificial bird habitat very well. Set up one to welcome some beautiful wild birds, and also enjoy the relaxing sound of the flowing water.