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This Spring, Turn Your Backyard Into a Sanctuary for Birds!

Buzzle Staff
Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the awakenings of colorful birds and butterflies. Here are some helpful tips to turn your backyard into a haven for birds and butterflies.
You can live anywhere―in a house or an apartment, in the suburbs or in the city, in the country, by the beach or in the mountains, and they will be there. Birds are everywhere. All you have to do is stand still and listen, and you'll hear them.
Each year, millions of first time bird-watchers discover the joys of this pastime. The reason is simple―birds are so much fun to watch! Another great thing about bird watching is that you can enjoy it just about anywhere. And, a great place to start with is your own backyard.
Bird watching is one of the fastest growing forms of outdoor recreation in the country. A great number of Americans landscape their yards to watch and feed birds. Backyard bird feeding is an easy and affordable way to enjoy wildlife. Creating an area that welcomes songbirds, hummingbirds, and butterflies is a relatively simple task.
When you create an atmosphere that makes them feel at home, you will soon find birds staying around to rear their young. This consists of providing them the basic requirements of survival―food, water, a place to build a nest, and appropriate vegetation.
You can create a birdbath or devise a fountain with fresh water in your backyard.
Recycle an old Frisbee or a plate, add marbles or stones to the bottom for weight, have a flat stone or other organic material for a landing pad such as a brick, and create a birdbath in this way.
Butterflies are drawn to water too, but only if they can wade and flit in a shallow area. They are also drawn to the different nutrients found in soil. Try sinking a broken cup into the ground or in a large pot with plants in your patio. Cut a sponge to fit into the cup and keep it soaked with water for a nice butterfly bath.
You can also try using an old aluminum pan lined with a cotton tea towel or paper towels as a butterfly bath. Fill it with water to provide a shallow puddle for them.
Add bird feeders to the backyard and make sure to keep them full with foods like seeds or seed mixtures. Birds and butterflies are attracted to flowers, plants, and weeds because of their berries and seeds. They are also attracted to trees because of the insects that live in the barks. Hence, hang the feeders on or near the trees and bushes.
A platform feeder works nicely for birds as well as butterflies by adding a buffet of fruits like bananas, watermelons, or apples on it. Frequent visitors to this display includes butterflies like painted ladies, swallowtails, and fritillaries.
Creating an inviting area for birds and butterflies allows you to enjoy nature at its best, that too right in your own backyard. It is a great pastime for young and old alike.