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Tigers... No More in the Woods

Dr. Maisie M
Tigers top the food chain, which means they are not threatened by other wild animals. Of course, with the only exception of 'human beings'. The adult tiger population worldwide has drastically reduced since the 1900s. Look at how man made this possible, a tall tale indeed!

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Long ago, there was an ecosystem comprising 'diverse beings', who lived together symbiotically as per the nature's rules. Each one dependent on the other for kinship and/or for food. The tiger was the King of the Jungle then.
A day came when Man decided to ascend the throne, aspiring to be the most superior element in the system.

He broke rules!

He expanded his horizons, occupied more land than he really needed. He invaded the King's habitat! At first, he admired the Big Cat, so much that he named many of his clan members as 'Tigers'.

Later, he tamed a few and caged the others. He played God; he killed them, both small and large. He called it sport, he called it adventure. He termed it hunting.

He invited nature's fury!

He went ahead to exploit Mother Nature in all forms with every opportunity without a single thought, if he is doing things right. He was simply worried about doing it right, though what he was doing was wrong! His pursuit for happiness was no more harmless.

He ruled the ecosystem, but he never could replace the King!

He advocated his stance under the camouflage of welfare and economic growth. Very little did he know that he was advancing towards a greater disaster. Situation turned bad to worse, the number of 'human tigers' became more than the actual Tiger species left.

Now, there aren't many woods left... not for him or the tigers!

It's high time we convince him that nature and his very existence on the planet are linked. It's his responsibility to conserve every element of the ecosystem and stop being the cause of destruction of this beautiful wilderness!
It's time to stop being catty with these big cats; all they need is a pinch of humanity. Can we, the so-called superior breed save these unvoiced saviors of biodiversity? Can we all do our bit to save wildlife? Yes, we can and we should... save tigersĀ from extinction!