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Types of Carpet Beetles

Amruta Gaikwad
Beetles come in varied colors and sizes. Among the many kinds of beetles, these are smaller in size and yet exhibit bright color combinations on the surface of their body. Know about a variety of carpet beetles.
Carpet beetles measure around 1.5 to 4 mm in length and differ in size as per the type of beetle. Varied, furniture and black beetles are three sub-species of this insect. These beetles are mainly regarded as household pests that dwell in furniture and other home decorative pieces.
They feed on fibers and are therefore an expert in damaging furniture décor, clothing and mainly carpets. Before getting into their varieties, let's learn some more about these beetles.
Spring or summer is the time when the female beetles lay around 20-100 eggs in different clothing materials. These eggs hatch between 10-35 days and once the beetle turns into an adult it can live up to 41 days. If the larvae receives sufficient amount of food it can even live up to a year.
These beetles need light and consume nectar and pollen from flowers. At the time of breeding, the females lay eggs in houses or even in birds' nests. The larvae then seek food from the place where they are laid.
As these beetles seek warmer areas for breeding, they are considered as serious house pests. For homes that are infested with such beetles, homeowners must know ways to get rid of them to save their home from any sort of damage.

List of Sub-species

Varied Beetle

The varied beetle, also known as Anthrenus verbasci, is 3mm in length and its larval form is known as woolly bear. The larva measures up to 4-5 mm and is covered under light dark brown strips, that cut across its body. This insect has hair tufts at the front and towards the rear of its body, that come handy for self defense.
The adult beetle is likely to measure from 1.7mm to 3.5mm in length. As the beetle grows into an adult its surface begins to show white and yellowish scales. They are known to have an unusual life cycle. The larvae takes around 1-3 years to form into an adult.
At the time of breeding the females will lay eggs near rugs, feathers, woolen clothing, furs or stuffed toys. In case these beetles want to lay their eggs outside then spider webs and bird's nest are common shelter areas for them.

Furniture Beetle

This beetle is also termed as Anthrenus flavipes, which is mainly considered a furniture pest. These beetles mainly dwell in warmer areas and live up to 1 year. The adult beetle measure up to 2 - 3.5 mm in length. Its body is covered with white and yellow scales while its legs have yellow stripes.
Once the furniture beetles turn into adults they feed on the nectar and pollen but take care that the flower does not get damaged. Average lifespan of these beetles range from 30-60 days. However, their life cycle can last up to 12 months.
The female of furniture beetles lays around 35 to 100 eggs, which are 0.35mm wide and 0.75mm long. The eggs take up to one to three weeks to hatch. The larvae of this beetle tends to cause more harm to the furniture, which around 5 mm long covered under brown hair.

Black Beetle

The black beetle, also termed as Attagenus unicolor, is 3 - 5mm in size. Its reddish brown larvae grows up to 7 mm. Their larvae feed on fibers such as carpets, woolen or silk clothing. An adult beetle is long and oval in shape and is completely black in color.
These beetles are quite a problem as they tend to damage the furniture of the house. This problem is mainly prevalent in the US and people are finding many ways and means to prevent their homes from being targeted.