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Types of Red Birds

Reshma Jirage
The birds are blessed with beautiful plumage colors like red, yellow, blue, green and brown. The red birds look most attractive. However, a few species of birds are completely red, while some have red color on back, head, tail or feathers. A spectacular variety of colors seen in various birds is very important because they are able to recognize colors.

Vermilion Flycatcher

Its scientific name is Pyrocephalus rubinus. The males have sensationally red underparts, showing contrast with brown back, wings and tail. The females look less bright, but they too have eye-catching red shades on their underparts. These birds can be seen in Mexico and parts of South America during the summers and migrate to Brazil during the winters.

Northern Cardinal

Scientifically known as Cardinalis cardinalis, this songbird is most commonly seen in North America and honored as ‘the state bird of seven states’. It can be found in gardens, woodlands and swamps. Males have vibrant red color all over the body with black color of facial mask. The females are dull brown in color with a dark red tinge over their plumage.

Summer Tanager

This medium-sized songbird is scientifically known as Piranga rubra. The males are completely red without specialized patterns, with slightly darker wings. The females are plain yellow in color with light-orange underparts and olive-brown wings. They reside in tall forests and treetops and can be found in the northeastern and midwestern United States.

Scarlet Ibis

Scientifically known as Eudocimus ruber, this bird is one of the most brightly colored wading birds. Both male and female birds have brilliant red plumage with reddish bills and legs. However, they may become dull during the non-breeding season. They are found in coastal wetlands, swamps and estuaries of northern South America from Venezuela to Brazil.

Crimson Rosella

Native to southeastern Australia, this species of parrot is scientifically known as Platycercus elegans. It is known for its brilliant red color plumage with the contrasting red, black and blue patterns. Both males and females are similar in color, but the males are usually larger in size. When they gather together in a large flock, they look stunning.

Painted Bunting

Its scientific name is Passerina ciris. It is known for its attractive color combination like a bright red chest, abdomen, chin and rump, with the plumage of bright shades of blue, green and yellow. These birds can be seen in the southern United States throughout the year and seen in coastal Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean during the winter season.

Scarlet Macaw

This popular tropical bird is seen in forests and broken woodland of Central and South America. Its scientific name is Ara macao. Both males and females have similar coloration like red plumage with blue wings and yellow markings. They appear brilliant red from the lower side, when they fly. They are commonly seen in zoos and aviaries all over the world.

Crimson Sunbird

These small red birds are scientifically known as Aethopyga siparaja. Having amazing speed, they feed on various insects and nectar. Though very tiny in size, they can be noticed due to their bright red plumage with blue markings. Females have dull olive-green coloration instead of red. They can be seen in the forests throughout Southeast Asia and Indonesia.