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A Guide to Make Unique Bird Feeders

Sheetal Mandora
Are you planning on making unique bird feeders that squirrels can't get into? Then how about we help you with the project. Read the write-up for homemade bird feeders...
By using common household items, it is easy and fun to make unique bird feeders right at home. Instead of purchasing one from the store, you can easily save money and spend some free time with this project. If you love the idea of beautiful birds fluttering near the feeder you made, then this project is right for you.
Even though a bird feeder can be a great addition to your garden or backyard, you need to be very careful as to how you design it. As birds are attracted towards the feeder, squirrels can find a way to fill their stomachs too, and that can be a menacing issue.
Not only that, as they blissfully feed themselves, the seeds can easily spill on the ground or lawn and make a mess for you to clean. And honestly, that's not why you wanted a bird feeder in the first place. Which is why, we have come up with some unique designs and ideas for the bird feeders. Take a look.

Homemade Bird Feeders

Birds don't really have a preference as to what the feeder looks like or which materials you used to build it. So there's no need for you to purchase new items from the stores to make the feeders. You can easily find and utilize household items to make unique bird feeder plans. And here are some of our ideas.

Plastic Bottle Feeder

  • You require a clean plastic bottle (water bottle or milk carton), paint, acrylic sealer, scissors, paint brush, sandpaper, hook, string, and bird seeds.
  • Cut a hole on one side of the plastic bottle. Keep it big enough so that small birds can fit in them and eat properly.
  • Sand all the sides so there are no sharp edges that can hurt the birds.
  • Use your choice of paint color and paint the bottle properly. Spray the acrylic sealer and leave it to dry completely.
  • Punch a hole and thread the string through. Add bird seeds inside the bottle and hang the feeder onto a branch.
  • You can even glue a short bark to the bottle so that the birds can rest on it while feeding.

Mesh Bag Feeder

  • To make this feeder, get 3 to 4 small mesh bags, scissors, bird seeds, string, and hook.
  • In individual mesh bags, place bird seeds in and secure them tightly.
  • Cut a long string and tie the bags at even distance. Let the mesh bags hang loose.
  • Find a good location on the tree and hang the bird feeder on the branch.
  • You can hang 2 to 3 of these feeders in the garden or backyard and see flocks of birds feeding from them.

Bagel Bird Feeder

  • As the name suggests, you need a bagel, peanut butter or honey, bird seeds, scissors, 2 hooks, and string to make this feeder.
  • Cut the string in half and tie on the two slices of bagel. Place them onto individual hooks.
  • Place bird seeds onto a plate and coat both slices of bagel with peanut butter or honey.
  • Roll the bagel in bird seeds so that the bagel slices are completely covered.
  • Hang both slices onto a branch and see birds flying right at your bird feeder.

Egg Carton Bird Feeder

  • For our final unique bird feeder plan, we need an empty egg carton, string, scissors, bird seeds, paint, and paint brush.
  • Open the egg carton and cut the top of the carton. You can either use one or both the sides of the carton to make the bird feeder.
  • Paint the carton with your favorite color and leave it to dry completely.
  • Then punch holes with the scissors on all four sides of the carton and thread the string.
  • You can either use hooks or tie the strings onto the branch of a tree.
  • Fill the empty space in the carton with bird seeds and hang the feeder.
Let's say you made these feeders but still can't keep the squirrels away. What you can do is hang the feeders from a pole and grease it with WD-40. The squirrels won't be able to climb till the feeders and the birds can happily enjoy their feast.