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Unique Decorative Birdhouses

Kashmira Lad
Birdhouses have gone beyond the plain, ordinary wooden designs. There are creative people who devise new ways and themes to make them unique and decorative.
If you want birds to be permanent members of your backyard, then it takes more than just wishful thinking. The way your garden is planned affects the kind of bird species that may find their way there. If you love birds and want to see them everyday, but still give them their freedom instead of keeping them in a cage, you can build them a birdhouse.
A lot of thought and planning goes into the creation of a birdhouse. It also depends heavily upon what kind of species you may wish to attract. Safety is the prime issue; so give the placement a lot of consideration.
Specific birds have specific tastes regarding their nesting area during the mating season. For example, robins will avoid enclosed areas whereas wrens prefer nest boxes.

Some Factors to Consider


It would make no sense to have a unique, decorative birdhouse if you do not plan for the safety of the bird. Keep in mind its height and placement. Remember that there will be a lot of unwanted predators once its popularity increases.


Most creative houses are designed to allow easy access for cleaning. A house which opens from the top ranks highest on the convenience factor. 
Several birds may use the house many times in a year for nesting, so ensure that the materials used are clean and fresh. There are many birds that skip the place if it houses old materials.


No matter how decorative the house may be, it would be of no use with improper placing of air vents.Birds need to feel the air breezing through their house.

Different Types

From the traditional wooden farmhouses to swanky castles, given below are some themes that go beyond the weird, wacky, creative, and decorative styles of dwelling available to host birds.


Build it to resemble a church, and grace it with delicate accessories. Flowers, wings, and other such forms can adorn the sides.


It can be tiered with a patio area for the birds to perch.


An innovative design, it is primarily made of wood and can be made to resemble an actual farmhouse to delight the visitors. It can have porch railings, and the verandah can hold the seeds.


It can be designed to include little balconies, windows and a railing that can go round the house. A perfect, secure place. Add a bird bath for ultimate luxury.


Made to resemble your regular eatery, this dining joint can have a seating area replete with tablecloths and welcome signs.


This pretty place can have the season's spirit to it. Little Santas, wreaths, stockings, and snowflakes can spread the joy and cheer.


Knights in shining armor, drawbridges, and stonewall effects can be incorporated in the design. Get innovative and creative as a lot can be done with this theme.


This creative design can be modeled after a swanky retreat to offer the luxuries in true style. It can have an elegant look, and a little swing for the birds to de-stress.


It gives an outdoor feel and can be made of wood to resemble an actual log cabin. Rustic in its appeal, it can be accessorized with leaves and welcome signs, which will help to create some warmth.


This house can be styled to look like a huge acorn, and the couple looking to be safely ensconced will find this to be an apt place. A tiny hole can be designed on it as an entrance and once you attract a pair, it might even sing.
Having these unique, decorative premises will definitely ensure a beautiful haven for the birds for years. Do monitor it every week to keep track of its safety and convenience.