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Weird Animals that are Real

Welcome to the world of weird animals that exist on planet Earth. In this story, we introduce you to some animals that might make you want to find out more about them.
Tulika Nair
It is very correctly said that fact is stranger than fiction. While surely creatures like the Loch Ness monsters, have emerged from the darkest recesses of our imagination, there are some weird animals that exist surpassing any possible limits that our fantasies can take us to.

Weird Animals of the World

With the diverse fauna that the planet earth is home to, it is difficult to make a definite list of weird animals.
Angora Rabbit
Sure, sheep are bred for wool, but ever heard of a rabbit that is bred for its hair?
This is the Angora rabbit. These are domestic rabbits native to Turkey, which have long hair. They are docile animals that need proper care, especially when being shaved off their soft hair. The Angora rabbit lives for almost 5-7 years and weighs about 2-3.5 kilos.
A Mexican mole salamander, is one of the weirdest animals.
What helps it make it to this list is that the larvae of this species does not undergo metamorphosis and therefore, the adults of the species are aquatic and possess gills. Another interesting fact about this salamander species is that it regenerates body parts.
These are also known as the Mexican walking fish, are used in scientific research and are now on the list of animals on the brink of extinction being on the Red List of threatened animal species.
A lemur that is primarily found in Madagascar, the Aye-Aye is the largest nocturnal primate in the world.
It has rodent like teeth and a long, thin middle finger, which it uses to tap on wood to find food. Aye-Aye is a near threatened species and looks like a vampire bat. Its habitat are rain forests and deciduous forests. One interesting fact is that these animals are considered to be a bad omen and apparently signs of death.

Glass Frog

One of the animals which does not scare the living daylights out of you is the Glass frog, which is native to South America.
These frogs are called so because of their transparent abdominal skin, which makes their internal organs visible. They are extremely tiny, measuring only 3-7.5 cm. Otherwise, these frogs are green in color. They are known to be cannibalistic in nature, eating their own offspring on occasions.

Ocean Sunfish

The heaviest bony fish in the world, the ocean sunfish or Mola Mola weighs almost 1000 kg on an average.
The main body of this fish is laterally flattened and it looks like a fish head with a tail. Their staple food is jellyfish, which they consume in large amounts in order to develop their body. They are similar to puffer fish in appearance.

Star-nosed Mole

A small mole native to North America, this creature is a definite on any list of weird animals that are definitely real.
The reason for their name, star nosed moles, are the eleven pink appendages around their snout which functions as a touch receptor that helps it for direction.

Colossal Squid

The largest known invertebrate known to human beings, the Colossal squid is on an average around 12-14 meters in size. It is the largest squid species in the world in terms of mass and is also known as the Antarctic or Giant Cranch Squid. It belongs to the genus Mesonychoteuthis.
This species of squid has been found in areas like Antarctica, southern South America, southern New Zealand and South Africa.