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What? Do animals do it?

Jay C
How do animals conduct their lives? Animals and their habits are unquestionably of central importance to the story. Let's find out what animals feel and think.
There is not any wonder but it is a fact that an owl can look at me continuously without close its eyes. Do you know it? A dog can breathe through its tongue, and a butterfly can taste something through its lag.
How animals do conduct their lives? Animals and their habits are unquestionably of central importance to the story.
We know about human thoughts and their feelings. How do you define animal behavior? If human curiosity drives research, then animal behavior should be near the top of our priorities. Particularly intriguing has been the ability of simple creatures to perform complicated tasks-weave a web, build a nest, sing a song, find a home, or capture food.
Behavior is one of the most important properties of animal life. Behavior is as much a part of an organisms as its coat, wings etc. The beauty of an animal includes its behavioral attributes. Such as locomotion, and migration.
There are many techniques for their locomotion. Instance, jellyfish, scallops and fish usually scull with their tails while turtle' row themselves with their powerful flippers.
For example most spectacular is flight of this little owl, its controlled wing-beats and splayed feathers, a tree frog caught in mid-leap, about to land showing the power of its legs and a common crane which move from Europe and China to India during winter. American bison journeys across the prairies of hundreds of kilometers, searching for fresh grass.
Grooming can be social event of an animal. Do you know that how an elephant groom themselves? Elephants plaster their bodies with mud and when it dries and falls off, it serves to remove unwanted ticks. Buffalo do the same process such as elephant. A cat grooms its self through its tongue.

The Method of Feeding

If you notice the feeding method of a chameleon you will see its sticky tongue. Its sticky tongue can uncoil to distance equivalent to half its body length. While flamingo use its beak and tongue. It filters the water from mud with its thick tongue and takes insect, and mosses form the water.

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Tarsier can move its neck around four sides so that it can find its food very easily. Parental behavior is provision for their offspring. Animal's some kind of care on their offspring. Mother cat carries her kitten to safety.

Superstitions on Animal Behavior

There were many superstitions on animal behavior such as owl as death's dread messenger, and woodpecker signify that rain was on the way. Some people believe that if cat will cross your way on the road it will damage some thing in your life. If a dog will cry around your home area it defines that someone will die in your society.

Animal Behavioral Theories

The fields of socioecology and animal behavior deal with the issue of environment behavioral interactions both at an evolutionary level and a proximate level.
Research done by D Waal on chimpanzees and monkeys shows importance of cooperation. It views aggressive behavior among human beings.
Charles Darwin's work on emotional _expression in animals. Harry Harlow's work on social development in rhesus monkeys has been of major importance to theories of child development and to psychiatry.
Improved conditions for farm animals, breeding of endangered species, proper care of companion animals all require a strong behavioral database.
Well now you are sure about your dog's behavior. Isn't it?
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